Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The music of Sister of Mercy changed my life. Their music is very powerful  , deep and inspirational for me. It grabs my soul and brings that deep inner strength that resides inside me to accomplish my goals in life.  Popeye had his Spinach. I had Sister of Mercy.

Driving back from Florida to go to back to Rochester, New York, way back in the late eighties. I lost everything I had. My daughter was adopted by her step - father in Germany, broke, depressed and suicidal.

I stopped over in Galax, Virginia and keep on playing the Sister of Mercy on cassette over and over again, my brain was on warped speed and could not slow down that night

I decided I did not want to die but I  wanted to live my dreams. Everything I wanted in life came to fruition, in a very short time span, I became a Stand Up Comic. Had my own TV Show "Underground TV, my own Newspaper " The Backflash", I found out that I could help others while living a dream.

Now I listen to the Sister of Mercy when I’m full of fear and doubt in my mission to save the kitties under my care. No one can kick or nothing can kick my ass after the inner strength is pulled up in my soul after listening to the Sisters.

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  1. ... and they are great to dance to as well! Thanks for posting this - it's made me think of all the times that music has lifted my mood, even in the worst of times.