Friday, August 5, 2011

A Gift of Closure

            Precious was Terry's Favorite Kitty at Puffy Paws

Thank you all for donating. In addition to helping the kitties you all gave me a gift. I was able to break free from the Computer and Thrift Shop last night and went to my friend- Terry Edwards -Wake-.He was murdered  last week.  At first when I drove up I could not get out of the Van. It was very emotional for me. I want to thank the Vietnam Vet, who put his hand on my shoulder and said " I will give you the strength to go inside. Terry is waiting for you. "

I cried like a baby before going in. Terry was a highly decorated  Vietnam Vet. They had his medals before his casket. They had a beautiful Video presentation with pictures of him in the Nam, fishing  pictures and with his cats through out the years. He was a very handsome young man with a boyish smile.

When I saw his body in the casket I realize -Terry was finally at peace.

The sad fact now  I realize is that I called the cops on his murder‘er, around 10 times. Every time I saw her and her boyfriend buying drugs at the drug house, I helped to get closed down. ( The young man who ran the drugs out of Grandmother house is now facing 25 years in prison.)

Every time I saw her, I called the Cops. I even almost got into a fight with them as they were cursing me out one night. I was well armed , if they decided to step foot on our property.

When the cops showed up , I told the cops,  I will meet force with force. I will not let our neighborhood be taken over by a brunch of pill heads.

The pill heads, knew who I was and  I made sure they knew I was armed and Puffy Paws was off limits as they trolled down the street and the cops always showed up ,after I saw them.

With the drug house closed down she was out of our neighborhood .

All my efforts were no avail because the cops never arrested her and she ended up murdering Terry.

I’m miss Terry. At the funeral parlor yesterday, I spoke to his sister about the love ,Terry had for the kitties at Puffy Paws and that brought a smile to her face.

As I was leaving she said “ Name A Cat After Terry:…

And I said “I will”

So the next kitty we rescued off the streets we been named “Terry E  or TE for short………

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