Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Puffy Paws Fact: In October the VA thought I had lung cancer or leukemia.We did not know what the outcome will be. If it was bad we needed a place for Hospice to come in, at the Haven and take care of me, kitty free. So we set up the 2nd half of the 2nd building with a mini bedroom, computer station and testing area.

At that time we were just ripped off at the Thrift Shop by someone we trusted and I had to get all the valuable high dollar stuff out of the Shop.

Over the winter I built up the Haven's workshop / office, but it still does not have AC. The heat is here and Chrissy painted and redid one of the rooms in the Haven and turned it into the new Live Stream Kitty Adoption Media Room.

So this week, we are trying to beat the heat , and Spring clean the loft to, before the heats gets into the 100;s during the day,
and have everything ready to be moved back out of the workshop.

After the workshop is cleared out we are putting a new floor down, which we already have and get a AC wall window unit in it , till we get a main AC for the whole building..

Now that was mouthful...MOL

Ahhhh - Puffy Paws was not voted as the best non-profit in Englewood !!!!!

Ahhhh - Puffy Paws was not voted as the best non-profit in Englewood !!!!! We will never gets any community honors and awards. It has something to do with I shoot straight from the hip.I make the comfortable people of my community uncomfortable and I make the suffering souls of the community with two legs and four comfortable.