Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a day at the Thrift Shop.


 Wow ! What a day at the Thrift Shop. With the Rummage Sale from the Mobile Home Park. We had the most stuff ever outside today. Lots of people showed up and I was letting it go at rock bottom prices.

A dollar here, two dollars their. A brunch of ladies said that they had fun. It was like a flea market

We made many new f...riend for “Team Puffy Paws”.

Two CSP, Jessica and Keith did an outstanding job.

One of the goals this weekend was to get to go through all the bins and send down the road the stuff that was not moving.

We went from 50 bins to around 15 filled with high quality items to put out on the new tables now.

The $1 bins were not working out since folks do not want to bend over and dig , so we are going with tables , with quality items that we can get more than a $1 for.

The stuff flew off the tables. Lamps that we had in the shop for months, knick knacks and all sort of stuff.

The time that it was taking to put out the 50 bins everyday was killing me and just creating a time problem for me with very little return.

So now with the tables more money and less work !

So now I can set up the outside of the Thrift Shop in less time.


We had bin and bin filled with wires. Gaming, cable, you name it we had it,

All this was up in loft. Not making money for us..

I never had the time and no one could have done what Keith did.

For two days, hour after hour, he put a twist tie on each wire and sorted it and now they are all ready for the shelves and fto be attached to the Old School Video Games.

So it’s like money in the bank.


Jessica worked her butt off. She is going to be another sounding board for me. She had many great plans for the Thrift shop and it was nice to get down with the nitty gritty and have it materialize thanks to her.

Thank you Keith.

He said is going to come back and volunteer to put the Old School video
Games systems together and he would like to start listing on eBay for us.

So once again the labor that was used was CS labor and these folks went beyond the call of duty.

A Funny Note Today: A German guy cussed me out in German cause I did not want to take a dollar for a cable wire I paid a dollar f and wanted 3 so I can make 2 bucks for the kitties on.

I under stood everything he saying and well he was surprise when I started to speak in German back to him

I did my best to be the best possible Rick I could be, when he was cussing me out but you know what I did

I leave it up to your imagination….

Wanted RV


 We sold the RV but what we need now is a road worthy, inside and out RV , which would benefit the kitties.

We need one were we can put tags on in and drive away. So we can adopt out the kitties.

Our outlook on keeping the kitties safe is, just ask . hope You can help.
We are posting the great news story that the Englewood Edge did.

Who know maybe we will get lucky and someone will donate a RV.

But in the mean time, Carla is starting up the Cat Adoption Program in the Community.

When I brought the RV. my brother in law ,Ray was in our life’s.

He is very good at everything. He is great mechanic, wood working, remodeling , plumbing, etc.

He told me he would rehab the RV for us.

Sadly he is doing his own thing now.

So without his labor and the limited schedule of the Community Service Personal that were working on it.

We abandoned this RV by selling it

Many folks do not realize we been doing this for four years as a non-profit and 14 years rescuing kitties

In the Spring of 2007 - Puffy Paws Kitty Haven started its adoption program. Since than we have found over 300 kitties "Fur-Ever" homes !

Than in October of 2009, the ’Haters” called Code Enforcement and shut us down and all the adoptions at the Haven.

See article. By the Englewood Edge

But the worst of it is that Christy has to do the job of 20 people, day in and day out because we can not have volunteers any more.


So we needed help and asked for help from the Animal Rescue Community.

We got more than what we bargained for.

In October of 2010. When we asked for help from the Animal Community. They all showed up in droves.

The organizers wanted to take the cats we have down to 50 cats.

She did not agree with our “Model”.

That was imposable with all the sick kitties we take care of.
She said “Without the possibility of killing”

She wanted to put some of them outside in the woods.

Separate kitties that only knew Puffy Paws as their home and put them in shelters in cages across the nation.

She told us to our face this was an placement operation.

In her emails we received, until she took her off her list, she was calling it rescue operation to all of her supporters.

We latter found out she would have qualified for Grant Money form PetSmart for doing this way.

When we told her we no longer liked her planned of operation in what she intended for the kitties we asked if she could leave the $2,000 dollars worth of supplies she gathered up in the name of Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

She laughed and refused and left the property for good.

Their is only one group in the area ,that is beginning to help us.

One group that we thought was going to help us have not return our phones calls.

The other groups just left us alone to manger on our own.
If you think the "Haters" are bad you should here the gossip these folks are spreading.

Since than we have tried everything understand the sun, not once ,but twice and even more to get these cats adopted out.

See Article

But we are willing to do it again. One more time. What ever it takes.

But with out help from the local Community with volunteers ,we are dead in the water and we will be in a holding pattern for the kitties which is not our mission at all.

" Our mission is to contribute to a better life for unwanted and homeless kitties, to protect them from neglect and cruelty, and to provide a safe haven for them in a no-kill environment until secure, permanent, loving and responsible homes can be found."

Everyday we trudge along to keep the kitties safe until we find “Fur-Homes” for the adoptable ones and provide a safe Haven for the sick ones.

What would be ideal is to rent out a building. Using one half for a Thrift Store and the other half for cat.

But until than it is against all odds for us and if it was not for you, we will not being to do for the kitties what we do.

And for this we will always be grateful.

( This will be posted in our blog latter tonight)

Monday, January 24, 2011



Question:  Why does the National Media do not care about what is going on in this Town of ours with the town folks are trying to wipe out a Cat Hospice ?

By cutting off our funding & and by having the county seize the cats. Click Here To Read The Rest Of  Story



Question:  Why does the National Media do not care about what is going on in this Town of ours with the town folks are trying to wipe out a Cat Hospice ?

By cutting off our funding & and by having the county seize the cats.

Here you read the attempt in getting us  shut down this week by the “Good People “ of Englewood but first some good news.

Please leave as many comments as possible and please try to get our story to a National News Media Company.Pick up the phone send e-mails out.

The kitties life's are in danger, as you can read.

We need your help ASAP !


We may be in a fight for the kitties lives this week.

The owners of Consignment America and others here in Englewood might be trying to cause huge problems for us with the local County government.

Please read the blog , it is an open letter to all government officials to understand what we might be up against and the misuse of tax payers dollars.

It is very scary that these people will try harm the kitties lively hood at the The Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC ) and their well being at the Haven.

Haters have tried to kill the kitties before in this community by calling code to get us shut down.

Read the articles on both Haven & The Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC )

The Haven

We are in compliance with Code Enforcement in both counties.

We can have the kitties at the Haven ,in reality we are the biggest foster home  for the cats, but we can have no traffic and we been obeying  these rules since day one when they told us how to operate.

The Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC )

Thrift Shop shut down

After the article came out we found out what we had to do to come in full compliance with them so we may stay their and operate as the Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC )

These Hater are saying that I live in the RV . Which is for sale now.

These haters are accusing us of being Hoarders.

If these evil people before did not get the adoptions shut down at the Haven we will not be in this situation  that we are in with many adoptable cats that need homes.

Our mission is to find these cats home and tend to the sick Cats in a hospice environment.

Here is the link for the current adoption program.

In the Spring of 2007 - Puffy Paws Kitty Haven started its adoption program.

Since than we have found over 300 kitties "Fur-Ever" homes !  Thanks to all the great news coverage the kitties get from the local media.

Check out our kitties in the following Newspapers each and every week. 

Englewood Edge - Englewood Sun Herald - The Englewood Review - The Boca Beacon The Gasparilla Gazette

These Hater are  saying that I live in the RV .The RV is for adopting cats out.  This RV is for sale now because it will cost to much to get it on the road. And  now we are looking for new road worthy RV.

Please read the article on the RV  and why this is our best bet in finding the kitties homes.

These Haters are saying that the funds go to Chrissy and I .

Anyone at any time is welcoming to see our books. They can see all the store receipts.
We have nothing to hide. We do not get paid. We have our own personal income that we live off of.

They are pissed that I went on the News asking for help with the FPL bill.

If people want to donate -they do and they know what the money is going for when they do.

We only ask for funds that directly effect the cats. Basic operating expenses. 

We do not pay ourselves like the other groups in the area, in which these Haters turn a blind eye to of where those donation dollars go.

Here is some fact that can be back up by IRS reports and government reports that these groups reported in where their donation dollars go.

Other Animal Rescue groups just like us are funded by the public.

They count on funds and volunteers from the Community, just like us.

And they use donations dollar from the Community to pay themselves.

One Executive Director made $87,000 dollar in one year according to their IRR 990

The other local group only 35% of every dollar raised went to the animals, in 20009. According to Florida Division of  Consumers Services

Here is a shocker for you this is from a government report. Look how much was spent on the animals from the same group. From a report from Desoto County

“ The funds spend on the “animals” is extremely minimal”

2003 - $ 225 out of $31,263 = .71% of expenses
2004 - $ 505 out of $30,504 = 1.60% of expenses
2005 - $ 802 out of $26,955 = 2.20% of expenses

But it’s not ok, to ask for funds and spent 100% on the kitties and the basic operating cost associated with Puffy Paws ?

We have the best record of anyone  because 100% of all funds goes to the kitties .

Vet care & basic operating expenses. We do not get paid.

One ’Hater”  is  posting on facebook ,we  barley paid pay her daughter and saying all the money goes to us.

I think she forgot to mention that her daughter agreed to work on commission as a telephone fund raiser. I even threw her money when I could.

We found out she was not capable of doing the job. Bringing in only a few donations.
So we offered her a small stipend to doing filing for us.

Which she never did it  properly . She stuff all the documents into drawers. When we confronted her about this  she said “I’m sorry” and Chrissy let her go.

I think her mother forgot to mention that I  personally took her  daughter shopping and brought her  $125.00 Worth of groceries so her, her granddaughter and husband could eat for the week because she did not bring no money in with working the phones.

I think her mother forgot to mention that  we took her daughters cat to the Vet that I paid for her cat to be wormed, deflea and to see check out a tumor on the cats head which she did not have the money to take care of.

There are two sides of every story……

We have been down this road before - please read both  all the stories to understand.

People are telling me to find good in this Town we live in and its so hard when you are surrounded by EVIL.

I will keep finding the good people of Englewood who want to help us and the ‘Haters” we always be their because they do not like someone like me in MY TOWN, telling the truth and refusing to be a door mat for anyone man that stands before me. And doing what people say that can not be done in taking care of sick unwanted cats/

It is  easy to be nice to nice people but it’s hard to be nice to mean people.

I will be working on praying for mean people this week.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Open Letter To All Government Officials From Rick Kingston -Puffy Paws Kitty Haven

An Open Letter To All  Government Officials

Here at Puffy Paws we believe this week we are going to be intentional harassed  by
the owners of Consignment America here in Englewood Florida by using your government office funded by the tax payers of Florida.

We are in full compliance with the orders handed down by local, State and federal bodies.

We are not breaking any rules or regulations.

They will be using your offices as a tool to settle a personal vindictive grudge that have against me as a human being.

As you can see by the libel comments they wrote on the Englewood FL facebook page.

I have screenshots of their full libel rants about myself personally and about  Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Any questions that they may have could be easily answered by going to our Web site and viewing the excellent press we have received and viewing our policy and procures.

And the way that we came into full compliance with all government offices.

But instead they will use your offices to settle a hateful score.

I have included them in this letter to show you what their unfounded intentions are, in misusing your office in which the tax payers  fund and their intentions of filing libel allegation against myself personality and Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Thank You

Rick Kingston
Co Founder
Puffy Paws Kitty Haven

A kind soul posted this on the Englewood FL facebook page and what you are about to is very libel and shocking

Englewood Florida Puffy Paws Kitty Haven: They need supplies: food, litter, cleaning products, volunteers, homes for kitties. They run a donation thrift shop over by Walmart. where you make a donation for items like old video games and knickknacks (there are no set prices). They also accept donations. They're no-kill & non-profit. Friend them!

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc It's to bad that the guy who runs puffy paws is a bully and a jerk. I love animals but couldn't stomach him trashing all the other non-profit organizations.

Shawn Hilton the guy that runs puffy paws lives down the street from my moms house. he has so many goddamn cats in his house they had so much garbage from the cats every week they had a dumpster delivered to there house. its one thing to save cats but dont go on the news or any where asking for donations to pay your bills because the cats need the ac. they lived in the wild before they can do it again.

Brenda Schellinger Brown my daughter worked for them and they barely paid her ..I feel sorry for the cats

Allison Reed he looks like a meth addict... I have seen him deteriorate over the past year so bad..he is so dirty, disheveled and missing teeth and yeah, he does bad mouth other organizations, he also has the audacity to have a sign in front stating that if you don't like cats, they probably don't like you either, lol..loser.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc He probably is on meth. He just is not a nice person. Someone told me he's an alcoholic. I wouldn't ever go near his junk spot. Someone should complain about the pig pen there. And what is with that camper? Does he live in it now?

Allison Reed yes, he does..I know I would never go there again either, he tried to sell me a mini remote control car for $5 which tried saying was a collectible, it had a $3.99 price on it from big lots!

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc How is that possible? I wouldn't think the county would stand for that.

Shawn Hilton he gave my buddy that worked for him like 40 bucks a week to call every one and ask for donations. isnt it illegal to sell stuff out of a storage and all that? does he even have a business license to run a shelter? and can you even do that are your house?

Brenda Schellinger Brown my daughter was asked to pick up donations with her own car he never gave her any gas money had her on the phones all the time .. he also bragged about being some big shot in the music industry he was full of bull if you ask me always talking about himself

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc I knew someone who volunteered at puffy paws and they said they don't keep the sick cats away from the healthy ones. I have adopted a kitten from St. Fransis and one from ears and both are very healthy and happy. I happen to have 8 cats and I have 2 banks at my store. 1 for ears and 1 for Suncoast humane society. He got mad at me becuase I asked St. Fransis one time if they wanted to have an adopt-a-thon at our store. Before that, he bullied us to put a donation can in our store and was mad when he never got any donations. I made him take his can with him out of our store!!!

Kristina Blasen ?@ Laurel, the adoptable kitties are in a part of the house that they use as the kitty haven. The other part is separate and has no cats. The hospice kitties have a completely separate house (like a mother in law house) with its own A/C. So the sick kitties are kept apart.
Shawn Hilton any way you look at it you shouldnt have 90 cats in one house. i believe the sick cats are kept in the garage i dont believe that the house has a in law. either way if you want to keep that many cats dont ask for donations go bust your ass and make your own money.

Kristina Blasen They are a licensed and registered 501K non-profit, so it's all donations and not a privately funded thing...I know lots of people in Englewood don't care for Rick (as a person) but Rick & Chrissy who run it really take good care of the cat...s. They are closing out their adoptions program over the next 6 months (no new cats) and adopting out all the healthy adoptable kitties and then they are going to focus on just being a kitty hospice for cats that would be euthanized in a shelter but still have years left to live (like ones with feline leukemia) so that should get the #'s down!

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc It's one thing to want to help cats, he'll I help the but I don't take on more then I can handle, phyically or financially. @ Kristina, I don't know but I do know Rick. He's a big bully and has been kicked out of a few businesses for making a scene and yelling at people for not suppporting him. I won't name names but my business was won of them. He is not for cats he's for himself!

Jack Randall Szaryc Who's the on call vet even for an emergency? You can't tell me that if they can't keep the storage place from looking like anything less than a homeless camp how can they possibly keep 90 cats clean and healthy.Do they get their vaccinations? Is it not supposed to be about the cats? All he does is run around brow beating people and organizations soliciting donations. The county needs to clean up that area. Where's the county in this situation?

Shawn Hilton if he can have 90 cats and call it a shelter. im gonna go take in pitbulls and all the bully breed dogs so they dont get put down. i can guarantee you if i had even 6 pitbulls in my house no one would donate and tell me to have them but down since they are viscous dogs.

Kristina Blasen ?@ Jack I'm not Puffy Paws, but their adoptions are through Loving care animal clinic & petsmart in pt charlotte they have several on call vets & vet techs who volunteer. the cats get all the vaccinations required by law in florida to be able to be adopted out. If you're interested there is a lot of info on their website and they are on facebook.

Tamara Patzer ?@Jack, I have personally been to Puffy Paws several times and the cats are all healthy, well fed,clean and vetted regularly. Loving Care Vets in Englewood got there regularly to check out the cats and the FIV cats are kept totally away fro...m the other cats. IT is a non-profit, registered 501C nonprofit and all the money does go to the cats. The thrift shop is a donation center and all the items are sold for donations. The questions Englewood folks should be asking is how many cats did your friends and neighbors drop off at Puffy Paws because they didn't want to take the chance that the cats would be euthanized? Yes, it's true, Rick has a big mouth and temper, but when I see some people saying he's a meth head and an alcoholic that is just plain GOSSIP and mean spirited.

Jack Randall Szaryc Evidently you haven't been on the receiving end of his rants and
accusations. When it should be about the cats its about how all the legit shelters suck. Maybe you should tell him to clean up the homeless camp and concentrate on the cats and... keep his mouth shut because obviously you are affiliated in some way.

Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless

Tamara Patzer I am just a person who lives in Englewood and have since 1985. Raised three kids here, etc., I am well aware of Rick's short comings and I do know that the cats are well taken care of by Chrissy. She does the work of 20 people day in and da...y out. I have been to the hospice and spent time there as a news reporter. The cats are well cared for. You should be aware that much of what Rick says is true. the EARS organization did get rid of this management and the Suncoast Humane Society is NOT a no-kill shelter. I am just someone who watches, listens and knows gossip when I read it and hear it.

Tamara Patzer ?@Laurel, the RV is being renovated to be the cat adoption center. Nobody lives in it. YOu can find out all the detais if you go see their website: you will get a lot of answers

Tamara Patzer ?@Jack I repeat: The questions Englewood folks should be asking is how many cats did your friends and neighbors drop off at Puffy Paws because they didn't want to take the chance that the cats would be euthanized? Yes, it's true, Rick has a big mouth and temper, but when I see some people saying he's a meth head and an alcoholic that is just plain GOSSIP and mean spirited.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc ?@Tamara, people who drop cats off places aren't my friends! And seriously think about it, and think about this, if your going to dump cats do you really think they give a rats ass if the cat lives or dies? It's very nice of you to protect... the bully, but you won't change my mind about him. I don't really know the wife, if you have noticed these comments are all about the #1 big mouth. Good luck with him, but be careful one wrong word from you and you will see Rick in the same light as alot of us who had the guts to comment on this link.

Tamara Patzer It's about the cats, not Rick. My point is that the mission of Puffy Paws is honorable and they do what no other group does. They are a hospice for cats that would otherwise be put down even though they are otherwise healthy.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc You are right it is about the cats, but please don't think I'm a fool. There are several organizations that are no kill shelters. Puffy paws is not the only place. Maybe you and your buddies should check out some programs about hording. How many cats are in there home? I wonder if they are subject to health inspections. Hummm I'll have to check it out.

Tamara Patzer They have been inspected. I will go to Consignment America and check it out.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc As long as you keep your mouth shut about puffy paws bully. By the way I don't deal with animals and I'm not a restaurant either. When we had our larger store and gave away FREE COFFEE AND PASTRIES I was inspected by the health dept. Check it out.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc Oh maybe you want to donate to us as well to pay our electric bill and other bills.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

People Say The Meanest Things -That's Why I Like Cats


First of all I would  to say thank you everyone for your support.

Now here is a email I received and I would like to address all of her concerns that she has.

To The Person In Charge

If you guys have so many of these issues for keeping up a safe place with all the necessities for cats being missing. You are putting the animals themselves at a risk. 

Either reduce your amount to what you can afford or give them all to a Proper care place.

Because this is a matter that animal services could come in and take your animals in your care. your BUISNESS IS HERE TO HELP ANIMALS, NOT TO MOOCH OR FULLY RELY ON DONATIONS OR VOLUNTEERS.

Most people that start the campaign to help animals, have their own funds for the basics. they NEVER ask for litter or food. they need socializers and fosters. think about these cats further before you continue to dig yourself in a hole, and take these cats and kittens with you down it.

Think about it, are you really helping them, is it standards what they need to be for those cats. when i said i would volunteer I DID NOT intend on hearing the lights will go out, were out of food, were out of litter,

WHY DONT YOU JUST CLOSE UP and give these animals to a Stable foundation, fully equipped for their needs 


For those folks who want to call me names. Attack the way we raise funds. I’m a big boy I can take it but please know this and take this to heart. 

Every night by the grace of God and the love of the kitty lovers through out the World the kitties have never gone without.

Chrissy and I have but NEVER the kitties.

Since 2006 I have raised over 150,00 dollars for the kitties.

Prior to this I have spent over 100,000 dollars of our personal money on the kitties, before we went non -profit.

I’m not going argue with you all. You all have a right to your feelings and the way you see things but I will give you the facts.

But if you need to call me names and attack our fund raising ways go ahead.

But before you do I’m the first to admit - I‘m a ‘Social Media High Tech Beggar. Because if I do not , do what I do - 268 cats will die !

You may not like our fund raising methods but it simple and it works and it is cheap.

Last year alone we have raised 46,000 thousands dollars by asking for help on-line.

All for the cost of the internet and a $35 dollar emailing program.

100% percent of all funds goes to the kitties care and operating Puffy Paws.
We do not get paid.

We have the Thrift Shop to raise funds

And mail in donations to.

Our fund raising campaign is “ Just ask-Hope -You can help.”

If I did not do it this way the kitties will not be alive today.

The kitties do not know our human struggle. They are very well taken care of.

The powers that be, only care about the kitties welfare. That they are in good health, have food, water and shelter and Vet Care. 

They do not want our cats. They are not going to shut us down and take our cats because some people disapprove of our fund raising methods and asking for help and volunteers.

If the cats did not have any of this, everyday ,we would have been shut down.

They do not care about our fund raising methods.

These powers knows the kitties have everything they need because every major rescue group in the area came to the Haven in the fall to help us because I asked them to.

Their was never a need to get us close down. If the cats were in danger they would have shut us down . We are doing nothing wrong. Expect struggling for funds

When people get sick and tried of us.

They unsubscribe from our facebook page and emailing list.

We are not for everyone.

The kitties never go with out without because of the love of our community and kitty lovers around the world.

We are a Vet supervise Haven. Our Vet does routine walk troughs to make sure the cats are all in optimal heath Our Vet charges cost. We will not be able to do what we do if it was not for our Vet.

As for " Socializers and fosters." We live with the cats. We are a loving home for unwanted & special  need kitties.

Everyone who comes to the Haven can not believe how well 268 cats get along together. No fighting, just love. They are happy.

 ABC News & The Sarasota Herald Tribune called Puffy Paws
“ A Bed & Breakfast For Cats ”.

We are a free roaming cage less Haven. We do not believe in cages at all. Even for adoption events. Why do you think we have a RV we are getting ready for the “Mobile Adoption Center or The Cathouse on Wheels ”.

This is what we are facing locally.

Other Animal Rescue groups just like us are funded by the public.

They count on funds and volunteers from the Community, just like us.

But it’s ok for them to put on big fancy events and than the funds go to paying for the events and in salary, administrative cost and fund raising.  100% does not go to the animals and basic operation  cost.

And this group only 42% of all cats that came in got adopted out.
A handful was reunited with their former owners and were did the rest get to ? Blue juice in the vein ?

The other local group only 35% of every dollar raised went to the animals, last year

Here is a shocker for you this is from a government report. Look how much was spent on the animals from the same group.

“ The funds spend on the “animals” is extremely minimal”

2003 - $ 225 out of $31,263 = .71% of expenses
2004 - $ 505 out of $30,504 = 1.60% of expenses
2005 - $ 802 out of $26,955 = 2.20% of expenses

But it’s not ok, to ask for funds and spent 100% on the kitties and the basic operating cost associated with Puffy Paws ?
We have had every major media company in the Haven. Newspaper reporters from all the major local companies , ABC & NBC , SNN NEWS, news crews.

They have said the same thing over and over. The Haven is very clean, the cats are well taken care of and they all get along and are happy.

If they were problems they would have had us shut down.

I have included Newscasts, our press and News Archives for you to read.

So I may show you what I’m talking about because all of our actions is documented since day 1.

Adoptions. We have had over 300 adoptions since 2007. Because folks were able to come over to the Haven to adopt the cats but no more

Please read the article to find out why our adoption program stop and what we did to get back on track.

We are a open book we have nothing to hide.







After you read all the News story and watch the Video's. maybe next time you will have more understanding about what we are facing to save these kitties lives and to get them adopted out once again.

Here are some open letter of support from folks who understand what we are doing.

Dear Rick.

It's Sylvia here wanting to share how I feel about your open letter.  FABULOUS.  Bravo!!!!  I'm so glad you made the decision to set a number of things straight with those readers haven't a clue about what you and Chrissy are faced with and the very hard decisions you both have to make daily. 

We hope that the HARD facts addressed in the letter will make some of the so-called naysayers think twice before they open their big fat mouths.  I'm proud of what you did.  Continue doing the superb work you do (when I say "you", I naturally, include Chrissy).  Secondly, my third Paypal donation this time around was a mere $5.00. 

I'm close to depleting funds in this account.  I'll have to replenish soon.  I saw right away after viewing the puffypawskittyhaven website that there was no fooling around.  Everything on the up and up. 

Those who attack you in some way are NOT bright individuals.  I have a strong sense that your supporters way outnumber those who do not. 

Stay focused at all times and don't allow anyone to sidetrack you.  It's clear that the good Lord is watching over and offering a lending hand.  God Bless.

Sylvia (your Canadian supporter)
I just wanted to send you a short message; I don't want to imagine that the only emails you get are the mean and hurtful kind, because there are plenty of people out here who KNOW FOR A FACT that you are doing great things, and we support you.

Money has been tight recently, but I threw in $10 to try and help you stay afloat today. That's all the way from over in Australia, too! I've tried to get the message around to some of my friends, but I'm a bit reclusive, and there's not much I can do other than say, "These guys at Puffy Paws are awesome, and if you can help out, please do". I hope that their awareness will be enough to get more people on board who can give you a hand.

We're a big cat family here, with Tish, Steamlord, Chichiri, Doc Mugen, and Morphball currently owning our house (and kindly letting us feed and cuddle them ;) ). With just those guys here, it's a madhouse! I cannot imagine how AMAZING you two must be to be able to share your lives with so many kitties. You must have some of the biggest hearts in the whole world. I know that love expands to fit the need, and you can never run out of love for the furry babies in our lives!

Keep up the good work, guys. Ignore those people who are critical. Ignore their shortsighted and misguided thoughts about what you're doing. A simple "I'm sorry you feel that way, but this is something we have to do" is all they deserve for their mean emails!

Well, I better wrap this up before the "short" message gets too much longer. You two are doing something fantastic for all the cats that come and go through your door. Don't let anyone get you down, and whenever I'm able to help out, I'll do what I can.


Monday, January 10, 2011

The Log Cabin

Q. What does Abraham Lincoln and I have in common.

A. We both grew up in a Log Cabin.

This is the Log Cabin on Lake Avenue, I grew up in Rochester N.Y. Built in 1922 by Fred Wells an eccentric sign painter.

Many nights of bathtub gin was served in the Log Cabin during the roaring twenties. The Logs are from Georgia Bay up in Canada. The cabin was built by an Indian Tribe from Canada.

The end cap for the logs were axe out by hand.

Drag racing Muscle cars was every day occurrence in the summer on my street

Lake Avenue had it's 15 minutes of fame when the rock band Foreigner sang about it in thier famous song .
Rev on the Red Light.

" Runnin' all night on Lake Avenue
It's a piece of cake
If you know what to do
You've got to lose a few
'Til the stakes get high
When the odds are right
You just blow by "

In 1981 I had a 70 Camaro with a big block 396, I should not be alive today in the way I raced it down Lake Avenue.

Now my father brought the house in 1964 my mother stills lives their.

The backyard is a 600 foot steep drop down to the Genesee  River. The Monroe County Zoo is across the river and the roar of the lions and seals could  be heard at all times during the day, and night.

Across the street in the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery. I must have saw over 2,000 funerals drive by house,  as a child.

My father pasted away in the Log Cabin home in 2006

My Dad took himself off of dialysis, he knew he had a week to live . He was a brave man, not to many people get to choose the way they die.

All his friends & family said their last goodbyes to  my father in the living room

During his last few days a few comments will always stick in my mind he said

 “ I never know dying was going to so beautiful” .

Getting off of dialysis means the toxins build up and you fall asleep forever.
One night my father woke up and said

“What the hell I’m still here ‘.

He is buried across the street from the home he so loved.

A  tragic lost happen in 1995. Luke Warm, a  friend of mine in AA , who I  tried to help, died from an overdose.

He is buried a few hundred yards from the Log Cabin.

 It was very eerie looking from my old bedroom window and seeing his grave.

God gave me a gift. I spent the last full night with him before he died. I will always remember his last words to me. He said  ‘ Rick, 99% of the junkies do not make it. I’m going to be that 1% that does ”.

 In less than 48 hours he was dead.. The needle was still in his arm when his mother found him.

That morning when he died , before I knew he past. His poor mother had to listen to my message I  left on their answering machine. My message was; “ Hey Luke, this is Rick I’m going to pick you up for the AA dance at 7:30, be ready.

Now Luke is dancing with the angels. He has been gone for 16 years yet he will live in my heart forever.

On the right side of the house was Saint Bernard's Seminary

Click For Picture

The Log Cabin house  is haunted by a the spirit of Father Zemoa who was a  controversial Catholic priest, and assorted ghosts that passed by through out the years.

Doors open, foot steps could be heard and the all knowing feeling in which you knew you will not alone in the room.

I almost had two out of the body experience at the Log Cabin House when I was teen. I fought it off,  fearing something was trying to get in , if I left. I could not move nor scream for help. It was terrifying.

The down side was Kodax Park was in my backyard to.

All the chemicals that they dumped into the river and into the air , I attribute to one of the factors of having cancer and my current heath problems.

Lot’s of memories are at the Log Cabin. Good ones & bad but I will never trade them in for anything..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Hope For A Junkie' s Life

You have to give it away to keep it. Two homeless young man living in the car in the Walmart parking lot. Addicted to pills ,living a junkie's life.  I befriended them. Over two month I planted the seed of hope and living a clean & sober life.

New Years Day-one young man was jumped and beat bad. He came over for help. Cleaned his wounds. Called his mother. The love of a mother shined through that day even tho the road they were both on was one of tears, fear and betrayal by the son because of his addiction. A new life.

They got the help he needed and he is in detox & rehab. May he trudge the road to happy destiny.

Young man # 2. Left on his own. Sick & tried of being sick & tried. A bed in detox on Saturday did not open up for him. He came to the Thrift Shop,  suicidal & dope sick. I called the county emergency crisis  team, Now he is detox off the street. Hope !

" I am responsible… When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A / N.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible."

If they stay clean and sober that is a benefit. For me I stayed clean and sober another day by giving away freely what God has given to me.

Helping the throw aways of society, kitties and humans alike has kept me alive.

And for this, this coming up Friday I will be celebrating 27 years of sobriety and another day of life.

God willing.

And I'm gratefull.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crying .........

It is hard for me break down and cry.

When I read Denise Brooke nice comment last night . I broke down last night and cried like a little baby..

Here is what she wrote.

“ Maybe someone who has connections can get a hold of Ellen Degeneres & maybe she can do a story & donate Halo food to all the's a really good food, but very expensive. She's into anything with animals & if she finds out that Rick... & Chrissy are pretty much single handedly taking care of 268 cats & running a thrift store to generate funds...and having to wonder daily if they'll make it....maybe she will give them a grant or whatever,,,,we can hope...AND, what if she finds out Rick is a stand up comic(in another life)....since that's where she started.......hmmmmmmmm.....who knows someone that can go thru the cracks & find their way in to her? Anyone???”

Denise  is so right. If we ever can get the break we need Nationally  (Until Than It’s Baby Steps To Reach 2500 ) than we might be able to reach our goal which is to seek 2500 new kitty lovers who like to donate on a monthly  recurring credit card subscription basics of starting at $10 a month withe our Monthly Pledge of love Program.

Monthly Pledge of Love Program

The monthly donations will give us enough funds  ( $25,000 a month ) to take care of the kitties and working monthly capital to properly fund the entire operation at Puffy Paws and put much needed funds in reserves to guarantee the success of Puffy Paws  Kitty Haven future.
Now for the reasons why I broke down:

IT’S HARD doing what Chrissy and I do everyday, yet the love for the kitties comes first in our calling in life.

Chrissy hauls in 660 pounds of cat litter around the Haven daily & takes in back out. She washes over 50 cat litter boxes daily. Every four hours she puts out the wet cat food at 18 feeding stations, like our Vet told us too.

She vacuum & mops and dust daily. She gives out meds. She brushes the kitties. She tends to the sick ones. She runs to the Vet and the store for supplies too. She does this day in and day out. She does the work of a paid staff of 10.

My job is to raise the $250 dollars a day to take care of the kitties daily needs, plus the operating expensive, every single day.

On most days I work up to 15-20 hours a day to accomplish this.

I run the Thrift Shop. I raise funds on-line. I take care of the Media. I run to the Vet .I'm our Web Master. I do all the graphic art work. I update on fb everyday.

I pick up the kitties daily supplies in the evening. I pay the bills. I pick up donations for Thrift Shop. I put out the SOS's for help. I put out all the fires that pop out daily. I'm my wife's venting post. I'm the fixer.

We do not understand a lot of things in the lack of support in our Community , the ban on volunteers at the Haven, we work up to 18 hours a day .barely making it on some days but the love of the kitty lovers around the world prevail, everyday.

While other rescue groups ,in the area euthanized  over 50% of the cats they take it and  the other group  refused to take over 150  cats ,we took in over the years because they said “No”.

But they the majority of their donations goes to salary .administration cost and fundraising for a handful of cats they take care of. Only 35% in 2009 went to their animal program.

These so call animal rescue folks, in the areas spread rumors that we are closed not even bothering  to go to our Web site or facebook page.

They call me the Crazy Catman  behind my back because I’m not a door mat and neither are the unwanted  kitties that do not have a voice.

Unwanted  cats are not a vehicle to line the pockets of greedy humans and something to be destroyed because you have no room and or you deem them to be unadoptable. 

This statement is why they hate me for speaking the truth.

We are common sense no-kill  and 100% of all donations goes to the kitties and the basic operation expenses associated with Puff Paws. We do not get paid.

We wear donated clothes, drive donated vehicles, we struggle for everything we get for the kitties. Nothing comes easy except your love you all have for them.

A day at the Spa for Chrissy, a night  of going out on the town only happens in our dreams.

We are sick and tried in how the local stores treat us when we put back over $150,000
dollars back in the local community since 2006

I hate begging for money, not the way I fell doing it but the way I make others feel by asking everyday.

The only help we get is from the Court order Community Service personal .And most of the time I find out the reason why these young men are in trouble in the first place.

Cause some of them do not want to change, I can not let these people who give me a hard time take anymore of time away from the kitties in raising funds and awareness.

I can not be a babysitter for them anymore.

Being an Army Veteran and being 26 clean and sober does not help the way I look at slackers who are costing me time & money and giving me heartache

It's my way or the highway for these CSP people who to the point that they want to throw fist with me, argue with me all day long and than I'm walking on egg shells.

It is not my fault .They can not follow simple instructions.

I made a decision  for now that the 60 dollar bins, only will be coming on Friday and Saturday.

So I will not being using these  young men during the week for bin work.

I will be making up the funds by putting stuff on ebay and producing the reality TV Show and writing grants myself.

Since no one wants to help in this town. I will do it alone like Chrissy and I have been doing it all alone with the labor.

Yet there is hope on the horizon because we have everything we need to take us to the next level.with the time I gained with no taking he bins out.We can focuses on.

A) The Thrift Shop.Inside
B) The RV -  Mobile Cat Adoption Unit
C ) Computers 
D) Video cameras for the on-line reality TV show
E) The Virtual Adoptions Program,
F) An on-line store with an ebay store coming soon
G) A full color printing division,
H) Live Streaming the kitties.
I ) Grants opportunities .

The cards are in place.

But still we are faced with asking for help every day and with out you we can not do it and we are blessed for this