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An Open Letter To All Government Officials From Rick Kingston -Puffy Paws Kitty Haven

An Open Letter To All  Government Officials

Here at Puffy Paws we believe this week we are going to be intentional harassed  by
the owners of Consignment America here in Englewood Florida by using your government office funded by the tax payers of Florida.

We are in full compliance with the orders handed down by local, State and federal bodies.

We are not breaking any rules or regulations.

They will be using your offices as a tool to settle a personal vindictive grudge that have against me as a human being.

As you can see by the libel comments they wrote on the Englewood FL facebook page.

I have screenshots of their full libel rants about myself personally and about  Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Any questions that they may have could be easily answered by going to our Web site and viewing the excellent press we have received and viewing our policy and procures.

And the way that we came into full compliance with all government offices.

But instead they will use your offices to settle a hateful score.

I have included them in this letter to show you what their unfounded intentions are, in misusing your office in which the tax payers  fund and their intentions of filing libel allegation against myself personality and Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Thank You

Rick Kingston
Co Founder
Puffy Paws Kitty Haven

A kind soul posted this on the Englewood FL facebook page and what you are about to is very libel and shocking

Englewood Florida Puffy Paws Kitty Haven: They need supplies: food, litter, cleaning products, volunteers, homes for kitties. They run a donation thrift shop over by Walmart. where you make a donation for items like old video games and knickknacks (there are no set prices). They also accept donations. They're no-kill & non-profit. Friend them!

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc It's to bad that the guy who runs puffy paws is a bully and a jerk. I love animals but couldn't stomach him trashing all the other non-profit organizations.

Shawn Hilton the guy that runs puffy paws lives down the street from my moms house. he has so many goddamn cats in his house they had so much garbage from the cats every week they had a dumpster delivered to there house. its one thing to save cats but dont go on the news or any where asking for donations to pay your bills because the cats need the ac. they lived in the wild before they can do it again.

Brenda Schellinger Brown my daughter worked for them and they barely paid her ..I feel sorry for the cats

Allison Reed he looks like a meth addict... I have seen him deteriorate over the past year so bad..he is so dirty, disheveled and missing teeth and yeah, he does bad mouth other organizations, he also has the audacity to have a sign in front stating that if you don't like cats, they probably don't like you either, lol..loser.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc He probably is on meth. He just is not a nice person. Someone told me he's an alcoholic. I wouldn't ever go near his junk spot. Someone should complain about the pig pen there. And what is with that camper? Does he live in it now?

Allison Reed yes, he does..I know I would never go there again either, he tried to sell me a mini remote control car for $5 which tried saying was a collectible, it had a $3.99 price on it from big lots!

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc How is that possible? I wouldn't think the county would stand for that.

Shawn Hilton he gave my buddy that worked for him like 40 bucks a week to call every one and ask for donations. isnt it illegal to sell stuff out of a storage and all that? does he even have a business license to run a shelter? and can you even do that are your house?

Brenda Schellinger Brown my daughter was asked to pick up donations with her own car he never gave her any gas money had her on the phones all the time .. he also bragged about being some big shot in the music industry he was full of bull if you ask me always talking about himself

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc I knew someone who volunteered at puffy paws and they said they don't keep the sick cats away from the healthy ones. I have adopted a kitten from St. Fransis and one from ears and both are very healthy and happy. I happen to have 8 cats and I have 2 banks at my store. 1 for ears and 1 for Suncoast humane society. He got mad at me becuase I asked St. Fransis one time if they wanted to have an adopt-a-thon at our store. Before that, he bullied us to put a donation can in our store and was mad when he never got any donations. I made him take his can with him out of our store!!!

Kristina Blasen ?@ Laurel, the adoptable kitties are in a part of the house that they use as the kitty haven. The other part is separate and has no cats. The hospice kitties have a completely separate house (like a mother in law house) with its own A/C. So the sick kitties are kept apart.
Shawn Hilton any way you look at it you shouldnt have 90 cats in one house. i believe the sick cats are kept in the garage i dont believe that the house has a in law. either way if you want to keep that many cats dont ask for donations go bust your ass and make your own money.

Kristina Blasen They are a licensed and registered 501K non-profit, so it's all donations and not a privately funded thing...I know lots of people in Englewood don't care for Rick (as a person) but Rick & Chrissy who run it really take good care of the cat...s. They are closing out their adoptions program over the next 6 months (no new cats) and adopting out all the healthy adoptable kitties and then they are going to focus on just being a kitty hospice for cats that would be euthanized in a shelter but still have years left to live (like ones with feline leukemia) so that should get the #'s down!

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc It's one thing to want to help cats, he'll I help the but I don't take on more then I can handle, phyically or financially. @ Kristina, I don't know but I do know Rick. He's a big bully and has been kicked out of a few businesses for making a scene and yelling at people for not suppporting him. I won't name names but my business was won of them. He is not for cats he's for himself!

Jack Randall Szaryc Who's the on call vet even for an emergency? You can't tell me that if they can't keep the storage place from looking like anything less than a homeless camp how can they possibly keep 90 cats clean and healthy.Do they get their vaccinations? Is it not supposed to be about the cats? All he does is run around brow beating people and organizations soliciting donations. The county needs to clean up that area. Where's the county in this situation?

Shawn Hilton if he can have 90 cats and call it a shelter. im gonna go take in pitbulls and all the bully breed dogs so they dont get put down. i can guarantee you if i had even 6 pitbulls in my house no one would donate and tell me to have them but down since they are viscous dogs.

Kristina Blasen ?@ Jack I'm not Puffy Paws, but their adoptions are through Loving care animal clinic & petsmart in pt charlotte they have several on call vets & vet techs who volunteer. the cats get all the vaccinations required by law in florida to be able to be adopted out. If you're interested there is a lot of info on their website and they are on facebook.

Tamara Patzer ?@Jack, I have personally been to Puffy Paws several times and the cats are all healthy, well fed,clean and vetted regularly. Loving Care Vets in Englewood got there regularly to check out the cats and the FIV cats are kept totally away fro...m the other cats. IT is a non-profit, registered 501C nonprofit and all the money does go to the cats. The thrift shop is a donation center and all the items are sold for donations. The questions Englewood folks should be asking is how many cats did your friends and neighbors drop off at Puffy Paws because they didn't want to take the chance that the cats would be euthanized? Yes, it's true, Rick has a big mouth and temper, but when I see some people saying he's a meth head and an alcoholic that is just plain GOSSIP and mean spirited.

Jack Randall Szaryc Evidently you haven't been on the receiving end of his rants and
accusations. When it should be about the cats its about how all the legit shelters suck. Maybe you should tell him to clean up the homeless camp and concentrate on the cats and... keep his mouth shut because obviously you are affiliated in some way.

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Tamara Patzer I am just a person who lives in Englewood and have since 1985. Raised three kids here, etc., I am well aware of Rick's short comings and I do know that the cats are well taken care of by Chrissy. She does the work of 20 people day in and da...y out. I have been to the hospice and spent time there as a news reporter. The cats are well cared for. You should be aware that much of what Rick says is true. the EARS organization did get rid of this management and the Suncoast Humane Society is NOT a no-kill shelter. I am just someone who watches, listens and knows gossip when I read it and hear it.

Tamara Patzer ?@Laurel, the RV is being renovated to be the cat adoption center. Nobody lives in it. YOu can find out all the detais if you go see their website: you will get a lot of answers

Tamara Patzer ?@Jack I repeat: The questions Englewood folks should be asking is how many cats did your friends and neighbors drop off at Puffy Paws because they didn't want to take the chance that the cats would be euthanized? Yes, it's true, Rick has a big mouth and temper, but when I see some people saying he's a meth head and an alcoholic that is just plain GOSSIP and mean spirited.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc ?@Tamara, people who drop cats off places aren't my friends! And seriously think about it, and think about this, if your going to dump cats do you really think they give a rats ass if the cat lives or dies? It's very nice of you to protect... the bully, but you won't change my mind about him. I don't really know the wife, if you have noticed these comments are all about the #1 big mouth. Good luck with him, but be careful one wrong word from you and you will see Rick in the same light as alot of us who had the guts to comment on this link.

Tamara Patzer It's about the cats, not Rick. My point is that the mission of Puffy Paws is honorable and they do what no other group does. They are a hospice for cats that would otherwise be put down even though they are otherwise healthy.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc You are right it is about the cats, but please don't think I'm a fool. There are several organizations that are no kill shelters. Puffy paws is not the only place. Maybe you and your buddies should check out some programs about hording. How many cats are in there home? I wonder if they are subject to health inspections. Hummm I'll have to check it out.

Tamara Patzer They have been inspected. I will go to Consignment America and check it out.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc As long as you keep your mouth shut about puffy paws bully. By the way I don't deal with animals and I'm not a restaurant either. When we had our larger store and gave away FREE COFFEE AND PASTRIES I was inspected by the health dept. Check it out.

Laurel Nesbitt- Szaryc Oh maybe you want to donate to us as well to pay our electric bill and other bills.

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