Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a day at the Thrift Shop.


 Wow ! What a day at the Thrift Shop. With the Rummage Sale from the Mobile Home Park. We had the most stuff ever outside today. Lots of people showed up and I was letting it go at rock bottom prices.

A dollar here, two dollars their. A brunch of ladies said that they had fun. It was like a flea market

We made many new f...riend for “Team Puffy Paws”.

Two CSP, Jessica and Keith did an outstanding job.

One of the goals this weekend was to get to go through all the bins and send down the road the stuff that was not moving.

We went from 50 bins to around 15 filled with high quality items to put out on the new tables now.

The $1 bins were not working out since folks do not want to bend over and dig , so we are going with tables , with quality items that we can get more than a $1 for.

The stuff flew off the tables. Lamps that we had in the shop for months, knick knacks and all sort of stuff.

The time that it was taking to put out the 50 bins everyday was killing me and just creating a time problem for me with very little return.

So now with the tables more money and less work !

So now I can set up the outside of the Thrift Shop in less time.


We had bin and bin filled with wires. Gaming, cable, you name it we had it,

All this was up in loft. Not making money for us..

I never had the time and no one could have done what Keith did.

For two days, hour after hour, he put a twist tie on each wire and sorted it and now they are all ready for the shelves and fto be attached to the Old School Video Games.

So it’s like money in the bank.


Jessica worked her butt off. She is going to be another sounding board for me. She had many great plans for the Thrift shop and it was nice to get down with the nitty gritty and have it materialize thanks to her.

Thank you Keith.

He said is going to come back and volunteer to put the Old School video
Games systems together and he would like to start listing on eBay for us.

So once again the labor that was used was CS labor and these folks went beyond the call of duty.

A Funny Note Today: A German guy cussed me out in German cause I did not want to take a dollar for a cable wire I paid a dollar f and wanted 3 so I can make 2 bucks for the kitties on.

I under stood everything he saying and well he was surprise when I started to speak in German back to him

I did my best to be the best possible Rick I could be, when he was cussing me out but you know what I did

I leave it up to your imagination….

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