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Question:  Why does the National Media do not care about what is going on in this Town of ours with the town folks are trying to wipe out a Cat Hospice ?

By cutting off our funding & and by having the county seize the cats.

Here you read the attempt in getting us  shut down this week by the “Good People “ of Englewood but first some good news.

Please leave as many comments as possible and please try to get our story to a National News Media Company.Pick up the phone send e-mails out.

The kitties life's are in danger, as you can read.

We need your help ASAP !


We may be in a fight for the kitties lives this week.

The owners of Consignment America and others here in Englewood might be trying to cause huge problems for us with the local County government.

Please read the blog , it is an open letter to all government officials to understand what we might be up against and the misuse of tax payers dollars.

It is very scary that these people will try harm the kitties lively hood at the The Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC ) and their well being at the Haven.

Haters have tried to kill the kitties before in this community by calling code to get us shut down.

Read the articles on both Haven & The Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC )

The Haven

We are in compliance with Code Enforcement in both counties.

We can have the kitties at the Haven ,in reality we are the biggest foster home  for the cats, but we can have no traffic and we been obeying  these rules since day one when they told us how to operate.

The Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC )

Thrift Shop shut down

After the article came out we found out what we had to do to come in full compliance with them so we may stay their and operate as the Donation & Storage Center ( D &SC )

These Hater are saying that I live in the RV . Which is for sale now.

These haters are accusing us of being Hoarders.

If these evil people before did not get the adoptions shut down at the Haven we will not be in this situation  that we are in with many adoptable cats that need homes.

Our mission is to find these cats home and tend to the sick Cats in a hospice environment.

Here is the link for the current adoption program.

In the Spring of 2007 - Puffy Paws Kitty Haven started its adoption program.

Since than we have found over 300 kitties "Fur-Ever" homes !  Thanks to all the great news coverage the kitties get from the local media.

Check out our kitties in the following Newspapers each and every week. 

Englewood Edge - Englewood Sun Herald - The Englewood Review - The Boca Beacon The Gasparilla Gazette

These Hater are  saying that I live in the RV .The RV is for adopting cats out.  This RV is for sale now because it will cost to much to get it on the road. And  now we are looking for new road worthy RV.

Please read the article on the RV  and why this is our best bet in finding the kitties homes.

These Haters are saying that the funds go to Chrissy and I .

Anyone at any time is welcoming to see our books. They can see all the store receipts.
We have nothing to hide. We do not get paid. We have our own personal income that we live off of.

They are pissed that I went on the News asking for help with the FPL bill.

If people want to donate -they do and they know what the money is going for when they do.

We only ask for funds that directly effect the cats. Basic operating expenses. 

We do not pay ourselves like the other groups in the area, in which these Haters turn a blind eye to of where those donation dollars go.

Here is some fact that can be back up by IRS reports and government reports that these groups reported in where their donation dollars go.

Other Animal Rescue groups just like us are funded by the public.

They count on funds and volunteers from the Community, just like us.

And they use donations dollar from the Community to pay themselves.

One Executive Director made $87,000 dollar in one year according to their IRR 990

The other local group only 35% of every dollar raised went to the animals, in 20009. According to Florida Division of  Consumers Services

Here is a shocker for you this is from a government report. Look how much was spent on the animals from the same group. From a report from Desoto County

“ The funds spend on the “animals” is extremely minimal”

2003 - $ 225 out of $31,263 = .71% of expenses
2004 - $ 505 out of $30,504 = 1.60% of expenses
2005 - $ 802 out of $26,955 = 2.20% of expenses

But it’s not ok, to ask for funds and spent 100% on the kitties and the basic operating cost associated with Puffy Paws ?

We have the best record of anyone  because 100% of all funds goes to the kitties .

Vet care & basic operating expenses. We do not get paid.

One ’Hater”  is  posting on facebook ,we  barley paid pay her daughter and saying all the money goes to us.

I think she forgot to mention that her daughter agreed to work on commission as a telephone fund raiser. I even threw her money when I could.

We found out she was not capable of doing the job. Bringing in only a few donations.
So we offered her a small stipend to doing filing for us.

Which she never did it  properly . She stuff all the documents into drawers. When we confronted her about this  she said “I’m sorry” and Chrissy let her go.

I think her mother forgot to mention that I  personally took her  daughter shopping and brought her  $125.00 Worth of groceries so her, her granddaughter and husband could eat for the week because she did not bring no money in with working the phones.

I think her mother forgot to mention that  we took her daughters cat to the Vet that I paid for her cat to be wormed, deflea and to see check out a tumor on the cats head which she did not have the money to take care of.

There are two sides of every story……

We have been down this road before - please read both  all the stories to understand.

People are telling me to find good in this Town we live in and its so hard when you are surrounded by EVIL.

I will keep finding the good people of Englewood who want to help us and the ‘Haters” we always be their because they do not like someone like me in MY TOWN, telling the truth and refusing to be a door mat for anyone man that stands before me. And doing what people say that can not be done in taking care of sick unwanted cats/

It is  easy to be nice to nice people but it’s hard to be nice to mean people.

I will be working on praying for mean people this week.

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