Monday, June 20, 2011

Each day is a new beginning

Each day is a new beginning, I took down the blog and posting about EARS. 
Some days its beyond my wildest nightmares or beyond my wildest dreams.

Today was beyond my wildest dreams. The savage beast that lurked inside of me for years has been tamed.

By a open hand of friendship.  
Deva a board member from the New EARS, came over to the Thrift Shop this afternoon. 
We had a nice long talk. A lot of missing pieces to the puzzle was explain to me this afternoon.

So finally I can put this all to rest. Deva answered all of my questions. Than she explained what the New EARS was up against and what they were doing now .
I like her attitude and her forth right honesty about what the New EARS is doing for the community.

Things have definitely changed over at the New EARS because of the New Board hard work, dedication and love for the unwanted animals in the Community.

I truly believe in my heart what these ladies are doing for the communities unwanted animals is pure at heart. They have an uphill battle setting them selves apart from the organizations past.

They don’t need me as a enemy because of past indiscretions beyond their control.
The record was set straight today and I’m very happy in what I heard in about their past four months of accomplishments when the new board took over,

Deva suggested that I go in and talk to Dana the editor of the Newspaper.
I will do as soon as my schedule allows me to.

I will put my trust in her words and will always admire her for coming over and talking to me to work things out all for the benefit for the unwanted animals in our community.

From this day forward may Puffy Paws and EARS trudge down the road of happy density for the sake of the unwanted animal in our Community.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

$4,809.00 & Counting.....

Thought you would like to know: Kitty Lovers from all over the World supported the kitties by donating through PayPal " $4,809.00 " so far this month. With our - “ Just ask - Hope you can Help Campaign “.

100% of these donation went to the kitties daily needs and operating expenses. We do not fund raise for salaries because we do not...... get paid for our service.

Both Chrissy and I are "Old Timers" in AA, Chrissy has 29 years and I have 27 years . Early in life and we learned what service work is all about. “ Giving Back” of what we have, so we may keep our lives. . We can only give back our time and life to the unwanted kitties of the Community.

As you all know the meaning of the word "Service " also.

In these hard times, when gas prices are rising everyday, food is going up to all new record levels and more people are finding themselves out of work

We all know the personal sacrifices each and everyone of you make when you donate to the kitties at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven and for this we will always be grateful.

We are proud of this fact. And we are proud of all of you. No one can never take this fact away from us. Peace Rick

Friday, June 17, 2011



Special Announcement: The Summer Of Love is a series of " On-Line Fundraisers & Social Media Awareness Campaigns ". To Save The Kitties at " The World's Greatest Cathouse",.

Our first awareness campaign is title -   A WORLD WIDE CRY FOR HELP. I will be driving kitty lovers from all over the world from the Social Media sites starting tonight to our Web Site.
By using this powerful and truthful message.

Save 230 Special Need Kitties
Care - Share  - Volunteer  - Adopt  - Shop -  Donate

Englewood, Florida’s “World’s Greatest Cathouse,“ Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, no-kill cat hospice specializing in providing quality and loving care to special needs cats.

With all of the heart and soul that we can muster there is no easier softer way to say this: we need a influx of working capital to continue with our mission here at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

If we fail at raising the funds needed to take care of the 230 kitties under our care there will be no other option but to close down. What choice would we have?

A whole cat hospice will be wiped out and only painful and sad stories will be told because we could not round up the worldwide awareness and financial help that these beautiful cats deserve.

Please share with your friends and post everywhere that you can think of about Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.
Care - Share  - Volunteer  - Adopt  - Shop -  Donate
We need your help and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY.

To help and for more information please go to our website at:

When they come to our site - This is the message they will see.


We are Englewood, Florida’s “World’s Greatest Cathouse,“ Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, no-kill cat hospice specializing in providing quality and loving care to special needs cats.

 “We care for kitties with feline leukemia, FIV, blind kitties, feral cats, epileptic kitties, kitties with only one eye, senior kitties, kitties that do not use their litter box, kitties with thyroid conditions and more - basically unwanted and unadoptable kitties that would be euthanized elsewhere.”

Since the airing of the Video in October 2008 all of our numbers have double. We now have 230 kitties. It cost $250 dollars a day for the kitties daily needs and we have 3,000 dollars in monthly operating expenses. We did obtain our 501(c) (3) non-profit from the IRS. So all donations are tax - duct-able.

As you saw in the Video we do not get paid, 100% of all donations goes to the kitties daily needs and the operating expenses.

It is getting tougher and tougher raising the funds that are needed to take care of the kitties but the only reason we are doing it, is by creating awareness of our plight and only though the love of the kitties lovers through-out the, World donating ,the doors are still open and the kitties are safe and alive.

And for this will will always be grateful for your love.

If you can help please do. Please only give what your heart and budget can afford

On our Home page you will find many great articles and Videos. Please enjoy.

Mad Kitty Love Goes Out To You All.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Were Would the kitties be if it was not for you.

Dear Friends of The Kitties

Were Would the kitties be if it was not for you.

They would have been a forgotten memory.

And for this we thank - you.

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven made it on a big time national Web site and we could not be happier.  About. com

Please make sure you read Alissa Wolf article " Cool Business Model ", about Puffy Paws (, Pet Shops Guide).

Click Here To Read The Story

When I first read it , I cried cause we never get this kind of respect and recognition as the saying " In our own backyard ".

I do what I have to do for the kitties and I always tried to think outside the box.

Because of our reaching out to you and asking for help when we need it, over $800 dollars in donations came in this week.

We are speechless. Your love shines through and for this we thank you.

After getting the supplies for the kitties, up till today.

We have been paying bills.

But Now - The Kitties Luck Just Ran Out.

Now We Have To Ask For Your Help At An Item At A Time.

Chrissy Went To The Cupboard To See If Dinner Was Their And The Cupboard Was Bare.

Da Kitties Need Only 2 Cases Of Wet Food -$34 & 2 Bags Of Dry $25 -

PLEASE HELP FEED THE KITTIES TONIGHT. $1 $5 $10 Donation Goes A long Ways -

12 bags of litter will get us through the AM.



The kitties have had their supplies, $250 a day, for the past week, thanks to the love of everyone.

Enough funds came in and we paid the $400 dollars FPL bill that was due.

Also our domain names were due on the 17th.

We own puffypawskittyhaven / com / info /net /org / TV

We also brought

So $72 was paid out to GoDaddy.

It would have been a nightmare if we lost them because of non -payment

Chrissy cell phone was due at $50 bucks. We paid $35 instead because we switch to the family plan at Metro PCS and the total savings per year for switching her phone over to Metro is $360 a year.

Now the Cell phone bills are due on the 30th of the Month at $70 at month instead of the $100 dollars we were paying for two different couriers.

Just a heads ups

Next month power is going to be a 'Whooper" and plus the payment plan together. Estimate at $900......

We have a special page on our Web Site , so we are starting to work on collecting funds for that now.


Next big bill up is the Thrift Shop rent $420 plus electric, which is late.

As the fires pop up, we all put them out together .

And for this we will always be grateful ..

Thank You Rick & Chris & Da Kitties

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Over $800 dollars in donations came in the past two day. We are speechless. Your love shines through and for this we thank you. 
After getting the two day supplies for the kitties, I have been paying bills all day.

I have been quite today. Ken now has the eBay computer which thanks to Ralph " The Computer Guy , "who fixed it for free and Ken is watching all the eBay videos tonight so he can start listing. So much to do, not that many hours in the day to get everything done.

I have not made it back to the Haven, yet. So the computer has to wait till Wednesday to set up for Live Streaming again. That computer just got out of the Shop to.

Putting my finishing touches on my sales book for CatHouse Media, if I do not fall asleep in my offcie chair. Which I have been known to do.

The kitties have had their supplies for the past two day, thanks to the love of everyone.

Enough funds came in and we paid the $400 dollars FPL bill that was due.

Also our domain names were due on the 17th.

We own puffypawskittyhaven / com / info /net /org / TV

We also brought today

So $72 was paid out to GoDaddy today.

It would have been a nightmare if we lost them because of non -payment

Chrissy cell phone was due at $50 bucks. We paid $35 tonight because we switch to the family plan at Metro PCS and the total savings per year for switching her phone over to Metro is $360 a year.

Now the Cell phone bills are due on the 30th of the Month at $70 at month instead of the $100 dollars we were paying for two different couriers.

Just a heads ups

Next month power is going to be a 'Whooper" and plus the payment plan together. Estimate at $900......

Next big bill up is the Thrift Shop rent $420 plus electric, which is late.

As the fires pop up,we all put them out together .

And for this we will always be grateful ..

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Were Does The Money Go ? - $2275.00 Total - Bills & daily costs that were paid in the last week: $375 Verizon Wireless for Two Months.
$130 for Auto Insurance on Two Company Vehicles. Web Site $20 & $1750 = $250 dollars for their daily needs. $2275.00 Total .
So that was a good 7 day period but now we are back to zero and need your help.
SOS - The day is not starting off good for the kitties......
THE CUPBOARD IS BARE $67.20 for the Wet For The Day -2 Bags of Dry $25 & $5.39 a bag for litter...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kool Kat Update

Update:  Never Give Up - Never Surrender. In getting the adoptable kitties home. Update: Big shout out goes out to Ralph " The Computer Guy " for fixing the Haven computers. Ralph has offered the use of his Computer Learning Center for monthly meetings for getting people in the community interested in volunteering in these key areas for Puffy Paws. We will promote the monthly volunteer meetings, in the main stream media with press Releases and also on Craigslist, Details coming soon...........

Grant Writer

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is seeking an experienced grant writer to help with grant funding proposals. In this very difficult economy, we need a volunteer Grant Writer to help to raise funds for the unwanted kitties of the Community.

Adoption Events

Adoption Events (AE) volunteers staff our adoption events, assisting with set-up, break-down and during event activities such as socializing and sitting with the kitties and providing information regarding our adoption procedures and our organization. AE volunteers assist potential adopters with the adoption process. AE volunteers are needed as events are scheduled.

Adoption Follow-up

Adoption Follow-up (AFU) volunteers contact recent adopters to check-in and address any questions or concerns the new forever family may have. AFU volunteers should have some knowledge of cat behavior and feel comfortable on the phone. AFU volunteers must ensure that all responses to follow-up calls are addressed. AFU volunteers should be available at least once per month.

PR Information Tables

Volunteers ( PRIT ) are needed to table at various events in the Tri - County area throughout the year. Volunteers are responsible for set up, break down, and presentation of informational materials during the events. Volunteers should feel comfortable presenting information and fielding inquiries about Puffy Paws. PRIT volunteers are needed as events are scheduled.

Canned Food Drives/ Cell Phone Drive / Kitty Collection Banks

Volunteers are needed to either organize event specific cell phones & canned food drives, or manage food donation bins at their office/school. Volunteers are also needed to find homes for our Kitty Collects Collection banks in the Tri-County are, and manage donation pick-ups and bring them back to the Donation & Storage Center. This is a great way to get involved for those that may not have time available to volunteer on a consistent basis!

Event Planning/Fundraising

Volunteers are always needed to assist in increasing our visibility and to contribute to our fundraising efforts. Volunteers are needed to cold-call potential donor sources, as well as assist our Fundraising team in planning events. If you have experience in event planning or fundraising, please join our team!

2. ""We have a appointment next Wednesday ,to apply for a voucher to receive funds $150, for the FPL power bill. Every little bit helps....

3.""I called the Charlotte County Government to see if they have a program if they lease out building space they own, to Non-Profits. The Answer was " NO . "
We will keep trying.....

4. Did you know we have people in California donating  to Puffy Paws through the United Way ? So I called the
United Way of Port Charlotte today. Inquiring about grants and having the opportunity for folks who donante to the United Way though their paychecks as to make Puff Paws, their charity of their choice. I missed the boat on this one. They said they do this every year in March. I have to write that on my calendar .Better luck next time.
5. We need help with 12 bags of litter. If you can donate. Please do

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 BREAKING NEWS: It was nice to have open house , 3 times a week , where folks could come in and adopt a kitty,we had 300 adoptions since we started the program back in 2007. Now I can not get volunteers from this community to man the adoption events we planed. I get bummed out with the restrictions we have on us.

No adoptions at the Haven. Who are we harming ? We just want to adopt out the 100 kitties that can into homes and focus on being a Cat Hospice.

But their is hope. I have a plan up my sleeves to get these kitties home, since I will not be a slave to the Thrift Shop this Summer.

Just call me " Rolling Thunder ".

I'm getting my business dress all already. With 12 Years of Catholic School under my belt, I know how to put on a tie. The mouth of the South is going to be joining the Chamber of Commerce and shaking hands with the movers and shakers.

What is killing us the cats are not assailable to the public.

I will be contracting landlords and leasing companies and local governments to see if we can get a small building or store front for a $1 a year.

We can have 14 adoptable cats at a time in the Adoption Center I seek with out running into red tape and I want to move the Thrift Shop, into the blg to.

Life without Shame !

God grant me the serenity

Why is doing the right thing in life for the beautiful creatures under our care so hard ? I just want to find the adoptable kitties homes and have the ability to support the kitties under our care with out fear ? What I planed is not coming to fruition . It’s turning into utter fear and frustration ,just for today. It’s taking more time to switch paths in raising funds, So I opened the Thrift Shop and trudging along. And today I have to remember to be grateful for what we have going for us, and share with you latter today, what we have to do to carry on. So today I will try to live: The Serenity Prayer Path - (Rick)

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

Stomachitis Mouth Surgery

 We have two kitties at Loving Care Animal Hospital right now getting stomachitis mouth surgery done . 
Estimate cost -$150 all together. This is going to wipe out the cats daily supply funds. 
If you can help today with any donation and please share, it will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to call Loving Care Animal Hospital directly at 941-474-7771 and help they take all major credit cards. 
To donate On-line PLEASE  SHARE & Tweet

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Their has to be a balance when I share “ The good ,the bad and the ugly“

I'm very heavy emotionally attach to these beautiful living creatures and I only want the very best for them. I'm in the fight of my life in raising funds & awareness world wide about our plight to take care of the kitties. I respect everyone's opinion greatly. Their is more behind the scene politics than you can image.

When we first
started out someone said this is a very political adventure you are taking on. We did not believe her. We thought it was all about the animals. We were so wrong.

The only reason why the kitties are alive today is not because of the support of local community. It is because of the kitty lovers through out the World.

After years of trying in this Community to round up support ,we were meet with resistance from day one from the powers to be. When we spoke out we were meet with outright retribution.

Over the years we had outright attempts to shut us down permanently putting the lives of the kitties in danger.

They shut us down at the Haven.

They tried to shut the Thrift Shop down,

Yes the public wants happy kitties tales but the fact of the matter s that with me being totally honest , reporting the facts, to our supporters, World Wide, the kitties are safe and alive.

Yes - I agree - Sometimes it is best to shut my mouth. I‘m a work in progress
Their has to be a balance when I share “ The good ,the bad and the ugly“

We must improvise , adapt and overcome all the obstacles that are set before us. And I hate to say that sometimes it is my inability to know when to shut my mouth.

I welcome your input and greatly respect it.

If you have concerns please call me at 941-623-8904

Thursday, June 2, 2011


People do not believe me when I say I live in a very strange town. I had to respond to this comment with a full explanation -   "

" Not to sound mean or anything but something is wrong with a thrift store not making money in this encomy..people flood them looking for bargains..maybe your prices are too high..maybe you need more advertising plenty of free places on the web to promote..if you merchandise is not moving even at low prices try having a once a month sack sale..say everything you can put into a sack for a $1.00 or fill a trash bag for $5.00 clear old items..just a few ideas might help you out" 

My Respond;

Thank you for your concerns, they do help.

I hope I do not come across as rude.This is not my intention. I'm just telling the truth and stating the fact after years of hard labor at the Thrift Shop and the bad apples I have to deal with.

And I like to let you know what we are up against each and everyday.

We love the good apples....: ) but they are few and far in between. These people donate what we ask with no questions.They know what their donation goes for and are happy to help our cause and now on the other hand.


Our prices are what other Thrift Shop asked for or even below everyone else.

This is Englewood Florida, half  the town leaves to go up North in the summer.
So its dead in the Summer time.

Please check out this video of the Thrift Shop and the items we have and they way we have them.


( I just had to deal with a potential PR Nightmare as we shall read in the blog Please read ALL of our blog to catch you up to speed on this issue.)




Have you ever had a yard sale before? People will offer you a quarter for everything on your tables. We are not a Gumball machine; we are an all day fundraiser for the kitties.

I rather and we are going to put all the good quality merchandise we have  inside our Shop in our eBay store ,so we can get a fair market price for the items people have donated and that we buy for the Shop, such as the DVD’s, Video Games & systems, etc…so we may feed the kitties. Instead of selling our inventory for pennies.

We have thousands upon thousand of dollars worth of unique stuff inside.

Check out our eBay Store.

Check out this article ' Englewood Strangest Store "and pictures of what we have inside the Shop.!/media/set/?set=a.10150204442567384.331848.206241152383

This is our third summer here at our location in the middle of a Walmat parking lot. Half of our town leaves in the summer

In the summer we have tried $1 items in the  bins / $5 a bag, etc,  in the two previous summers.

Outside of the Thrift Shop is stuff you will find at a regular Thrift Shop. And the majority off the stuff is rummage sale left overs and garage sale left over.

Dishes, glassware, kick knack, picture frames, etc

It is the end of the season here. So donations of merchandise is drying up for the outside.

What is left in the bins is the bottom of the barrel stuff that no one wants.

The stuff on the table is the good stuff in this realm and we will not give it away.

We want to get at least one dollar per item or 2 for a buck. One buck buys a can of cat food.

The Englewood Review is running this press releases for us this week

“ Puffy Paws Kitty Haven would like to announce that they now have items up for sale on their Ebay site. All profits brought in from Ebay will go towards helping the kitties Puffy Paws. And don’t forget about their Thrift Store, which accepts donations as well. For more information about Puffy Paws, the Ebay page, and the Thrift Store, visit”

So there is nothing wrong with our Thrift Shop just the World we live in.

New Course of Direction

As you know there are good days and bad day at the Thrift Shop. Now that our season is over we are having more bad days than good. Which means I have to reach out for help more and more. I’m afraid one day, if this pattern continues on through out the slowest days of the summer months, with me asking for help.
Help might not be their one day.

We will still need help and will  be asking for help but as time moves on, we hope not like we are doing now
So this is the game plan.. Like it always has been at  Puffy Paws - Improvise  & Adapt  & Overcome.

It always been my job to bring in the funds wherever they may be.

Before Puffy Paws and still today. I’m a graphic artist. A very good one I might add.

I can design and have anything professionally printed in beautiful full -color such as
Business Cards, Post Cards Brochure, Signs, Magnets, Banners ,etc at very reasonable prices.

Custom photography is included , just like in the business card below.

In addition, I’m a great  business to business Salesman, I know my products and design them, with pride. I can sell as long as I’m in front of the business owner.

This is how I supported 70 kitties on our own back in the day, along with Chrissy’s Housekeeping business.

The sad news is that I can not be in two places at once .I have to go were the money is during the summer and it always been in selling full color printing.

I sell 1,000 business cards for $125
5,000 for  $250.
We make around $100 on 1,000 business cards 
$200 on  5,000

I usually sell two deals in a day, give or take and set up appointments through out the week
Just by walking in cold.

I have sold hundreds upon hundreds of  printing orders. It is nothing new to me. Getting in the swing of things will take time.

Yes. I know the economy is not doing so well but every business owner needs a nice quality cad too attract business.

The look, design and feel of my cards stands out .That’s why I was so successful with selling and still will be.

So I will putting back on my business attire during the week and going out selling full color printing - "Full-Time".

Not Only will I will be selling full-color printing. I will be asking for gift certificates and donations for Puffy Paws Kitty Haven and networking through our Community in finding new friends for the kitties.

While out in the business community I will be getting collection bank program ,up and going, once again.

Before I take off to sell from Home. I will be Live-Streaming the kitties once again on a regular schedule, so that everyone can enjoy them. This will create much needed awareness for the kitties and donations.

I will be building up our inventory in our our eBay store at night and doing my graphic art work at the Shop.

While I’m their at the Shop alone , I will open late,  for folks who may want to get something or for a drop off .
So the fate of Thrift Shop is this.

The Thrift Shop right now is like a bad co-dependent girlfriend, always requiring constant attention with little return during the week.

It is Hurricane season already in Florida and a small depression almost got going. We are going to be down sizing the the outside of the Thrift Shop by doing away with the forty bins for the summer

They are almost empty and I can never put the whole outside of the Thrift Shop away inside the Shop
with out help in case of a Hurricane Warning.

So this is a public safely matter because I need to put away the whole outside of the Shop by myself inside ,in a 8 hour period.

Right now I can not do it all, so that is why we are down sizing. The tables and the big shelf . I can handle and they will stay.

What sad is that I’m constantly babysitting the Community Service Personal. I’m the kitties fundraiser. Not a babysitter.

They did it to themselves by behaving  in the exact manner that got them their.

I can not work with these people 7 days a week anymore.

If they want hours they can work with Ken .

So during the week when Ken can man the Shop it will be open. If he can not it will be closed.

If a trust worthily local volunteer can step up to the plate to man the Shop while I'm away. I’m all for it.

We can not make it on $40 to $50 dollars days anymore. Which during the week it  is the norm

Also Ken will be listing on eBay for us and I will listing at night.

On the weekends it is always a little bit better but still slow in the summer so I will man the Thrift Shop.

So please remember - We will still need and will  be asking for help but as time moves on, we hope not like we are doing now

So this is the game plan.. Like it always has been at  Puffy Paws -

Improvise  & Adapt  & Overcome.

PS I have my first business card appointment in the afternoon on Friday.
Ken is going to be manning the Shop.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank you

Thank you each and everyone of you. Thank you Catherine Turley for turning the phone on. Once again your love for the kitties have shined through.I just got back from Venice with the cat food and litter for Chrissy. I can not thank you all enough. Mad Kitty Love goes out to you all for being there in the kitties time of need.

URGENT: It just went bad to worst.

URGENT: It just went bad to worst. The office cell phone just turned off . 941-623-8904.( $40 ) No way to contact Chrissy, about the situation.
No funds came in from the SOS. The Walmart truck was suppose to have the dinner tonight on it, they get it unloaded at 9:30. and now I just found out Englewod Walmart is out of cat food cause was not on the truck, after I waited all this time.
Now I have to drive to Venice the next town over as soon as funds come in .Gas is low, did not plan this. Its a nightmare. We need 12 bags of litter ($60). and need to get the cell phone turned back on. I'm stuck at the shop until funds come in ASAP. 
We need help bad .

We long for,,,,,,

We are tried, We are dirty from our blood, sweat and tears , We are stressed , We are hungry. We long for the day when our life's will be a little bit easier.The day we can stop and smell the roses. We long for the day that God will take mercy on Chrissy and mines souls to relive the burden of the path we are on. 
We long for the day of the big break were the World can see our deeds. We long for the day of not having selfish people surround us. We long for the day when Chrissy and I can become a couple for a night out on a date. We are tried and broken people.
Yet we must go on. Today life is not about us anymore. It has not been for years. its about Gods simple creatures depending upon us and " You " for the very air they breathe . And for this we thank you.


Dear Friends Of The Kitties 

TRANSPARENT: characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.

We do all we can do to be transparent and I know this is the only reason why the kitties are still around. We share the good - the bad and the ugly. The good news -the bad news -The sad and happy time because you are the kitties family and you have the right to know it all. 

It can be said that that Englewood has never really supported Puffy Paws Kitty Haven in a manner which we see the other rescue groups in the area received finical & physical help.

If we had to solely had to depend solely on Englewood for finical help the cats would have been dead a long time ago.

Over the years we been subject to behind the scenes dirty tactics. Town folks calling Code Enforcement to get the Haven closed down and the Thrift Shop. Putting the lives of this community unwanted special need cats in jeopardy.

Just recently a  unfounded complaint to our landlord, the local newspaper and I'm excepting a call from Code Enforcement ,any day now, because of the fact got upset because at the Thrift Shop regarding the fact ,We Set The Donation Amount So We Can Feed The Kitties  And All Price Stickers Are Voided "

We do not put stickers on any item in the Shop. All price stickers that are left on any item came in that way. All priced tags are voided. We set the donation amount so we can feed the kitties. We set the donation amount verbally for each item.  

The reason for this is that we have had problems in the past with price tags left on items in the Shop due to the volume of items that come in.

Dealing with this potential PR Nightmare took away 10 hours of my time.

Being  transparent prevail. This is the email I just received form the Editor of the local paper the Englewood Sun.

" Rick.

Thanks for your very comprehensive explanation Rick. I know you are doing it all and can't do everything. I'm sure you are super-vigilant about your sales. I guess there will always be someone who will take exception to what you are doing or how you are doing it. It comes with the territory.

Thanks again, Dana "

With out me being a " Social Media High Tech Beggar" asking for help from the World Wide Community of kitty lovers, the kitties would have been long gone by now.

For the kitties daily needs, it cost, $7500 a month plus $3,000 dollars in operating expenses - $10,050 total a month.

Each and everyone of you got us through another month.

In May, the total amount raised on-line was  $6,048.07 and with the Thrift Shop, donations through the mail and  a$1200 check from Microsoft Gift matching program, my $750 dollar  monthly check, the doors are still open and the kitties daily needs were taking care of and they are safe and alive.


Today is like no other we still need help with the daily needs once again and the office cell phone will be turned off tonight ( $40).

If you can help please do we need   22 bags of litter for the next 24 hours and the  kitties breakfast.

We have come up with a way of saving over $8,000 dollars a year on the kitty litter. ( See Above picture.) 

Once again thank you for saving the lives of 230 special need kitties under our care.

Rick & Chrissy  & Da kitties.