Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 BREAKING NEWS: It was nice to have open house , 3 times a week , where folks could come in and adopt a kitty,we had 300 adoptions since we started the program back in 2007. Now I can not get volunteers from this community to man the adoption events we planed. I get bummed out with the restrictions we have on us.

No adoptions at the Haven. Who are we harming ? We just want to adopt out the 100 kitties that can into homes and focus on being a Cat Hospice.

But their is hope. I have a plan up my sleeves to get these kitties home, since I will not be a slave to the Thrift Shop this Summer.

Just call me " Rolling Thunder ".

I'm getting my business dress all already. With 12 Years of Catholic School under my belt, I know how to put on a tie. The mouth of the South is going to be joining the Chamber of Commerce and shaking hands with the movers and shakers.

What is killing us the cats are not assailable to the public.

I will be contracting landlords and leasing companies and local governments to see if we can get a small building or store front for a $1 a year.

We can have 14 adoptable cats at a time in the Adoption Center I seek with out running into red tape and I want to move the Thrift Shop, into the blg to.

Life without Shame !

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