Wednesday, June 1, 2011

URGENT: It just went bad to worst.

URGENT: It just went bad to worst. The office cell phone just turned off . 941-623-8904.( $40 ) No way to contact Chrissy, about the situation.
No funds came in from the SOS. The Walmart truck was suppose to have the dinner tonight on it, they get it unloaded at 9:30. and now I just found out Englewod Walmart is out of cat food cause was not on the truck, after I waited all this time.
Now I have to drive to Venice the next town over as soon as funds come in .Gas is low, did not plan this. Its a nightmare. We need 12 bags of litter ($60). and need to get the cell phone turned back on. I'm stuck at the shop until funds come in ASAP. 
We need help bad .

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