Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Over $800 dollars in donations came in the past two day. We are speechless. Your love shines through and for this we thank you. 
After getting the two day supplies for the kitties, I have been paying bills all day.

I have been quite today. Ken now has the eBay computer which thanks to Ralph " The Computer Guy , "who fixed it for free and Ken is watching all the eBay videos tonight so he can start listing. So much to do, not that many hours in the day to get everything done.

I have not made it back to the Haven, yet. So the computer has to wait till Wednesday to set up for Live Streaming again. That computer just got out of the Shop to.

Putting my finishing touches on my sales book for CatHouse Media, if I do not fall asleep in my offcie chair. Which I have been known to do.

The kitties have had their supplies for the past two day, thanks to the love of everyone.

Enough funds came in and we paid the $400 dollars FPL bill that was due.

Also our domain names were due on the 17th.

We own puffypawskittyhaven / com / info /net /org / TV

We also brought today

So $72 was paid out to GoDaddy today.

It would have been a nightmare if we lost them because of non -payment

Chrissy cell phone was due at $50 bucks. We paid $35 tonight because we switch to the family plan at Metro PCS and the total savings per year for switching her phone over to Metro is $360 a year.

Now the Cell phone bills are due on the 30th of the Month at $70 at month instead of the $100 dollars we were paying for two different couriers.

Just a heads ups

Next month power is going to be a 'Whooper" and plus the payment plan together. Estimate at $900......

Next big bill up is the Thrift Shop rent $420 plus electric, which is late.

As the fires pop up,we all put them out together .

And for this we will always be grateful ..

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