Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Course of Direction

As you know there are good days and bad day at the Thrift Shop. Now that our season is over we are having more bad days than good. Which means I have to reach out for help more and more. I’m afraid one day, if this pattern continues on through out the slowest days of the summer months, with me asking for help.
Help might not be their one day.

We will still need help and will  be asking for help but as time moves on, we hope not like we are doing now
So this is the game plan.. Like it always has been at  Puffy Paws - Improvise  & Adapt  & Overcome.

It always been my job to bring in the funds wherever they may be.

Before Puffy Paws and still today. I’m a graphic artist. A very good one I might add.

I can design and have anything professionally printed in beautiful full -color such as
Business Cards, Post Cards Brochure, Signs, Magnets, Banners ,etc at very reasonable prices.

Custom photography is included , just like in the business card below.

In addition, I’m a great  business to business Salesman, I know my products and design them, with pride. I can sell as long as I’m in front of the business owner.

This is how I supported 70 kitties on our own back in the day, along with Chrissy’s Housekeeping business.

The sad news is that I can not be in two places at once .I have to go were the money is during the summer and it always been in selling full color printing.

I sell 1,000 business cards for $125
5,000 for  $250.
We make around $100 on 1,000 business cards 
$200 on  5,000

I usually sell two deals in a day, give or take and set up appointments through out the week
Just by walking in cold.

I have sold hundreds upon hundreds of  printing orders. It is nothing new to me. Getting in the swing of things will take time.

Yes. I know the economy is not doing so well but every business owner needs a nice quality cad too attract business.

The look, design and feel of my cards stands out .That’s why I was so successful with selling and still will be.

So I will putting back on my business attire during the week and going out selling full color printing - "Full-Time".

Not Only will I will be selling full-color printing. I will be asking for gift certificates and donations for Puffy Paws Kitty Haven and networking through our Community in finding new friends for the kitties.

While out in the business community I will be getting collection bank program ,up and going, once again.

Before I take off to sell from Home. I will be Live-Streaming the kitties once again on a regular schedule, so that everyone can enjoy them. This will create much needed awareness for the kitties and donations.

I will be building up our inventory in our our eBay store at night and doing my graphic art work at the Shop.

While I’m their at the Shop alone , I will open late,  for folks who may want to get something or for a drop off .
So the fate of Thrift Shop is this.

The Thrift Shop right now is like a bad co-dependent girlfriend, always requiring constant attention with little return during the week.

It is Hurricane season already in Florida and a small depression almost got going. We are going to be down sizing the the outside of the Thrift Shop by doing away with the forty bins for the summer

They are almost empty and I can never put the whole outside of the Thrift Shop away inside the Shop
with out help in case of a Hurricane Warning.

So this is a public safely matter because I need to put away the whole outside of the Shop by myself inside ,in a 8 hour period.

Right now I can not do it all, so that is why we are down sizing. The tables and the big shelf . I can handle and they will stay.

What sad is that I’m constantly babysitting the Community Service Personal. I’m the kitties fundraiser. Not a babysitter.

They did it to themselves by behaving  in the exact manner that got them their.

I can not work with these people 7 days a week anymore.

If they want hours they can work with Ken .

So during the week when Ken can man the Shop it will be open. If he can not it will be closed.

If a trust worthily local volunteer can step up to the plate to man the Shop while I'm away. I’m all for it.

We can not make it on $40 to $50 dollars days anymore. Which during the week it  is the norm

Also Ken will be listing on eBay for us and I will listing at night.

On the weekends it is always a little bit better but still slow in the summer so I will man the Thrift Shop.

So please remember - We will still need and will  be asking for help but as time moves on, we hope not like we are doing now

So this is the game plan.. Like it always has been at  Puffy Paws -

Improvise  & Adapt  & Overcome.

PS I have my first business card appointment in the afternoon on Friday.
Ken is going to be manning the Shop.

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