Saturday, June 4, 2011

Their has to be a balance when I share “ The good ,the bad and the ugly“

I'm very heavy emotionally attach to these beautiful living creatures and I only want the very best for them. I'm in the fight of my life in raising funds & awareness world wide about our plight to take care of the kitties. I respect everyone's opinion greatly. Their is more behind the scene politics than you can image.

When we first
started out someone said this is a very political adventure you are taking on. We did not believe her. We thought it was all about the animals. We were so wrong.

The only reason why the kitties are alive today is not because of the support of local community. It is because of the kitty lovers through out the World.

After years of trying in this Community to round up support ,we were meet with resistance from day one from the powers to be. When we spoke out we were meet with outright retribution.

Over the years we had outright attempts to shut us down permanently putting the lives of the kitties in danger.

They shut us down at the Haven.

They tried to shut the Thrift Shop down,

Yes the public wants happy kitties tales but the fact of the matter s that with me being totally honest , reporting the facts, to our supporters, World Wide, the kitties are safe and alive.

Yes - I agree - Sometimes it is best to shut my mouth. I‘m a work in progress
Their has to be a balance when I share “ The good ,the bad and the ugly“

We must improvise , adapt and overcome all the obstacles that are set before us. And I hate to say that sometimes it is my inability to know when to shut my mouth.

I welcome your input and greatly respect it.

If you have concerns please call me at 941-623-8904

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