Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear Friends Of The Kitties 

TRANSPARENT: characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.

We do all we can do to be transparent and I know this is the only reason why the kitties are still around. We share the good - the bad and the ugly. The good news -the bad news -The sad and happy time because you are the kitties family and you have the right to know it all. 

It can be said that that Englewood has never really supported Puffy Paws Kitty Haven in a manner which we see the other rescue groups in the area received finical & physical help.

If we had to solely had to depend solely on Englewood for finical help the cats would have been dead a long time ago.

Over the years we been subject to behind the scenes dirty tactics. Town folks calling Code Enforcement to get the Haven closed down and the Thrift Shop. Putting the lives of this community unwanted special need cats in jeopardy.

Just recently a  unfounded complaint to our landlord, the local newspaper and I'm excepting a call from Code Enforcement ,any day now, because of the fact got upset because at the Thrift Shop regarding the fact ,We Set The Donation Amount So We Can Feed The Kitties  And All Price Stickers Are Voided "

We do not put stickers on any item in the Shop. All price stickers that are left on any item came in that way. All priced tags are voided. We set the donation amount so we can feed the kitties. We set the donation amount verbally for each item.  

The reason for this is that we have had problems in the past with price tags left on items in the Shop due to the volume of items that come in.

Dealing with this potential PR Nightmare took away 10 hours of my time.

Being  transparent prevail. This is the email I just received form the Editor of the local paper the Englewood Sun.

" Rick.

Thanks for your very comprehensive explanation Rick. I know you are doing it all and can't do everything. I'm sure you are super-vigilant about your sales. I guess there will always be someone who will take exception to what you are doing or how you are doing it. It comes with the territory.

Thanks again, Dana "

With out me being a " Social Media High Tech Beggar" asking for help from the World Wide Community of kitty lovers, the kitties would have been long gone by now.

For the kitties daily needs, it cost, $7500 a month plus $3,000 dollars in operating expenses - $10,050 total a month.

Each and everyone of you got us through another month.

In May, the total amount raised on-line was  $6,048.07 and with the Thrift Shop, donations through the mail and  a$1200 check from Microsoft Gift matching program, my $750 dollar  monthly check, the doors are still open and the kitties daily needs were taking care of and they are safe and alive.


Today is like no other we still need help with the daily needs once again and the office cell phone will be turned off tonight ( $40).

If you can help please do we need   22 bags of litter for the next 24 hours and the  kitties breakfast.

We have come up with a way of saving over $8,000 dollars a year on the kitty litter. ( See Above picture.) 

Once again thank you for saving the lives of 230 special need kitties under our care.

Rick & Chrissy  & Da kitties.


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