Monday, June 20, 2011

Each day is a new beginning

Each day is a new beginning, I took down the blog and posting about EARS. 
Some days its beyond my wildest nightmares or beyond my wildest dreams.

Today was beyond my wildest dreams. The savage beast that lurked inside of me for years has been tamed.

By a open hand of friendship.  
Deva a board member from the New EARS, came over to the Thrift Shop this afternoon. 
We had a nice long talk. A lot of missing pieces to the puzzle was explain to me this afternoon.

So finally I can put this all to rest. Deva answered all of my questions. Than she explained what the New EARS was up against and what they were doing now .
I like her attitude and her forth right honesty about what the New EARS is doing for the community.

Things have definitely changed over at the New EARS because of the New Board hard work, dedication and love for the unwanted animals in the Community.

I truly believe in my heart what these ladies are doing for the communities unwanted animals is pure at heart. They have an uphill battle setting them selves apart from the organizations past.

They don’t need me as a enemy because of past indiscretions beyond their control.
The record was set straight today and I’m very happy in what I heard in about their past four months of accomplishments when the new board took over,

Deva suggested that I go in and talk to Dana the editor of the Newspaper.
I will do as soon as my schedule allows me to.

I will put my trust in her words and will always admire her for coming over and talking to me to work things out all for the benefit for the unwanted animals in our community.

From this day forward may Puffy Paws and EARS trudge down the road of happy density for the sake of the unwanted animal in our Community.

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  1. make sure you notify people on your email list that your in the Animal Resuce Site contest. I just found you on there and voted. I always check for yall everytime the contest comes up and saw yall registered this time.