Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We have a Pet Food Bank at the Thrift Shop. We depend on the kindness of the community to donate cat and dog food for people in need.. When they come in and ask for  pet food, they need food. “Now”.

The only question  I ask is.. “ When  is the next time you will get monies in ? “ This let’s me know in how much to give them ,so their pets will have enough to eat until they are able to buy some pet food.

If they come back and need some more. No problem..

No red tape, no applications, no one time pick rule, no going to a local church .the next town over to pick up food.

Now on the other hand I just had a young lady at the Thrift Shop crying, she was getting evicted  on Wednesday and her dog needed food now.

I did not have any dog food in the food bank and if it came down to it, I was going to close the shop and walk over to Walmart and buy her dog a bag of food.

But I thought to myself the Humane Society, has a Pet Food Bank and they just did a huge fundraiser ,to get dog food in ,so she should be able to pick up a bag of dog food from them by going down their…

Sounds logical . Right ? Wrong

So I called them and I found out……

They have a one time pick up rule ,were you can get it at the Humane society itself, only one time .

Than they give you an application and you fill it out and drop it off and pick up the pet food at a church in Venice, and this is were you pick up your pet food from here on out.

I have a question - If someone can not afford a bag of food .How can they afford the gas to get to the next town over, Venice ! 
And why is their not a local pick - up station in Englewood ?

Well let me put it to you this way. Since she picked up before  , the person on the other end of the phone wanted her to follow their rules and I explained itm the Rickey K’s way, - 

" You have a hungry dog and she is crying and being evicted  and you want her to go through all these red tape for a bag of dog food to feed a dog that is hungry right now " ?

They told me they will make a exception this time…….

She got her food, the dog will have his dinner and as for myself ..well lets put it to you this way..

I’m probably get a call back from the Humane Society, expressing their displeasure about my phone conversation.

As I always say  “  I make the comfortable people of  our  community uncomfortable and I make the suffering souls of the community with two legs and four comfortable."

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