Thursday, September 22, 2011

We made the FPL payment !!!

Dear Friends of the Kitties
Mad Kitty Love goes out to each and everyone of you ! We made the FPL payment !!! Through the love of the kitty lovers through out the World !!!!! By caring - sharing & donating, love has prevailed once again and for this we are ever so grateful !!! 

Thank You
Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties

Monday, September 19, 2011

Only God can give me the strength to carry on.

This week I'm working on organization, in order to implement all of the necessaries activities I have to do as a one man band. Unfortunately for the kitties and I , Tarrah is no longer with Puffy Paws. So now I have to figure out how to ebay, run the Thrift Shop, update on all social medias, release Press Releases, live stream the kitties ,produce the pilot for the TV Show and raise the $10.000 a month it takes to run Puffy Paws. Such as life... Only God can give me the strength to carry on.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with showmanship !!!!!

Special Announcement & Confession Time: Since I have Tarrah on Team Puffy Paws. Production of the pilot of our reality TV show will begin shortly. We are sorting out all the video production equipment and story boarding the first show this week. 

So A few day back, I just did not like having  gray hair and I decided to color my hair and I got into Chrissy's hair dye, I thought it will dye my hair brown, ( I know dumb male ) and well now I'm a red head. Now here is my thinking should I keep it red and since, I love reinventing myself every now and than, (Rick "The King of Cats" Kingston ) and since I'm the boogie man of Englewood and everyone loves to talk about little old me and they way I have a hard time treating mean people, I'm thinking lets give them and the World something to remember me by . ( Think Don King -The Boxing Promoter  with his wild hair ) 

Maybe I should dye my or green or purple or pink.....or should I go back to plain or brown !!!!!!!!!  If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with showmanship  !!!!!  - It worked for me when I was the producer and host of Underground TV -a Lease Assess TV Show all about the Rochester Music Scene  back in the early 90's. I was TV pretty back than and now I have a face for radio...MOL

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gossip is what I eat for Breakfast !

My whole life I marched to a tune of a different drummer. I heard it all before. At least when folks are talking about me they are leaving some other poor bastard alone. I like it when I live in people heads rent free- I have always been honest in my actions and deeds. 

The good the bad and the ugly, I wear my skeletons in my closet on my sleeve. You know 100% were you stand with me. 

Maybe that why I love cats more than mean people.
The great thing about the age of internet I have left a electronic foot print since 2006 with Puffy Paws . Just Google Puffy Paws Kitty Haven and you see what I mean. Nothing to hide ! Our books are open to the public . 

Unfortunately we live in a small town and everything gets back to me and I mean everything, These people may not like me but the people around them do. I only hope that these  people will one day put the welfare of the animals in this community above my personality. And truly educate themselves about what we do at Puffy Paws by going to our Web Site, all of our social media pages and than give me a call to work out their issues with me, so  we all may be able to save more animals in this community. 

Rick Kingston
The King of Cats

The Apple Does Not Fall To Far From The Tree

Five years ago today my Dad or " Dee ", as I called him passed away. My father was always tough on me but with my wild spirit and I'm going to do what I want to do punk attitude, as I look back he had to. I have many of his qualities, the good, the bad and the ugly. He taught me to be honest above any thing else. He saved my life from a life of drinking and drugs. He made sure I got out of High School and got a Honorable discharge from the Army with his words of encouragement and wisdom.

He taught me to follow my dreams and never quit. He taught me not to be a doormat. Today I'm who I'm becasue of my father, He gave me alot. With his hard work as a foreman at DuPont, he was able to buy the Haven for Chrissy and I. with out him their will be no Puffy Paws.

He loved the kitties and the loved him. He knew he was going to die and he died with dignity and Honor. As he lie on his deathbed he awoke from a nap and look at me and said - " Why The Hell I'm Still Here ". Patience was not his virtue.He told me that that he never knew dying was going to such a beautiful experience.

My last words to him was 'Thank you D for a good life and true to form he last words to me was "You're Welcome...Boy ! Now get out of here before you miss your plane. The next morning he passed away in the Log Cabin home he loved.

When he passed away I was sleeping back in Florida and that night I had the most peaceful sleep I ever had. I woke up to the news that he was gone. From the moment on all the bad childhood feeling I had of my Father passed away that night with him. He was a good man and I was lucky that I had him as a Father.

If he ever want to know what my  Father was like just look into my eyes and you can catch glimpse of him in me ! Because my Father lives on in my words ,actions and deeds.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Do Not Pass Go - Do Not Collect $200

If we had a handful of local  volunteers we will be able to do so much more & the kitties will  be so ever happy.  So if you are local.

Now the topic of the day is Community Service help.  A few weeks ago I had a nice chat with a probation  officer and she agreed with me that probation and doing Community Service is a second chance for people who got themselves in trouble, so that will not go to jail.

My question is how many chances do these people want at the expenses of the kitties at Puffy Paws by costing me time and money by being a full time babysitter for them and going over their wok and changing my plans when they do not show up ?????

I get the good, the bad and the ugly at the Thrift Shop . I have never said that I did not appreciate good help. If you look at the past blogs ,its always been a Catch 22 with the Community Service help.

But if it was not for their hard labor,for those who work, Puffy Paws Thrift Shop will not be what it is today.

These people wreck their own lives. Through their behavior. Words and deeds. They are not going to wreck the running of the Thrift Shop anymore.

The Community Service Application ,that they must fill out is weeding out a lot of the bad apples from the get go, but it is not enough.

The know the rules to continue to do Community Service here, but for some of them, it still has not stop the bad behavior.  So now I asked  them to leave when its not working out.

So far I have never report anyone to their parole office for blatantly violating the terms of Community Service.

But times have changed,. And we need people here who want to work and not want a free ride,

As of today,  people will think twice, once they have read the following on the Community Service application.. And maybe they will save me the headaches and go someone where else off the bat.


So their it is in black and white.

Now my question is how can I wreck someone  life when all done was tried to help.

This is the kicker of the weekend. There is CSP who needs 27 hours by the 7th.

Three weeks ago I asked her to leave before because it was not working out.

I gave her ample amount of time to get her hours done somewhere else.
She failed and begged me to take her back ,so she will no go to jail.

I said OK and she was late on Saturday. No phone call. She never came back when she said she would ,when she left mid-day on Saturday. No phone call their and today Where is she ?????  No phone call....

She has not worked the hours she said she will

I’m not going to report her but she is done doing her hours here. She can go down the road.

And if that means going to jail because she can not get them.

What I’m suppose to do ? What would you do ??????