Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puffy Paws New Station Wagon

Puffy Paws TV: Breaking News -This beatifull 1995 mercury sable station wagon, only 64,000 miles, kept in top condition with oil changes, ice cold air ,was donated to the kitties today. Find out how we are going to raise funds by using it f...or our local community business car !!!!!!! PS. I see a giant sticker of Spike on it in the near future.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keep on Truckin'

I'm ban to the Thrift Shop till the sun goes down. Seems like Chrissy gets more done when her " Cling -On " is not home. It's like working in slow motion at the Thrift Shop in the Florida heat. A goats ass smell better than me about this time of day. Plus my diabetics is kicking my ass. A one man band has to " Keep on Truckin' " !!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

An open letter to Englewood

 An open letter to Englewood -  For all of our great supporters we love you. You get it !!! You are special and the kitties know it. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

But for the rest of you, I  never got that turn the other cheek thing down. I never got that count to ten before you speak, like my Grandmother used to say. I’m a blue collar guy doing a white collar job. I always thought the customer was always right. I do not accept excuses from store mangers about your employees bad behavior. The kitties are your customers they spent $125,000 last year in your Town. This is called money and a portion of it goes to your paycheck. Without customers , how would you get paid ?

I will stand up for my wife when you disrespect her . I will let you know that your behavior is inappropriate when you do.  I’m missing that  meek chip that I should let you use me for a doormat at your will.

If you want to know something about me -just ask. Spend some time with me and I will let you know all about me, the good the bad and the ugly. 

If I offended you because I stood up to you and told you the truth and refused to accept  your bad behavior towards, Chrissy, the kitties and myself. I will offer no apology  but if I’m wrong I will admit it and offer a apology and a solution. 

My name is not the Catman. it is Richard Joseph Kingston III , but you may call me Rick.

You call me an asshole behind my back. Nothing escapes  me in this Town. The kitties have friends that you do not even know about.

You spread lies, gossips and rumors. When I meet you in public and I introduce myself as Rick with Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

You face sours and you say "I Heard About You " !!!

Really !!   - I guess you are the kind of person that believes everything you hear...Poor Sheep !!!!

But let it be know that I can close my eyes at night and sleep well knowing that I have devoted my life to the voiceless animals and  helping  people in need.

I guard your kitties that you gave up to us with my life.

You abandoned them like a Dead Beat Daddy  offering no support through out the years and you except the whole world to pay for a lost family member.

You never got the pets are not disposable - they are for life. By any means necessary.

Thank God - Chrissy and I did.  Or you cat would have been whacked at the any traditional Humane society.

Than you support the others animal  organizations in Town because that is the cool thing to do.
It cool to be seen at all those parties !!!!

If you still want to talk about me. Let it be known that I’m brutally honest with myself and my own defects of character , my past mistakes . Man up and talk to me one day.. I will tell you all about them.

But the most joyous part of my life is while I go through out my day - I laugh - I cry -  I Yell - I scream  - I give it my all with my blood sweat and tears - than I sing - I dance - I tell bad jokes and 200 kitties are alive because of my style 

I’m Living My Dreams - Are You ?

Richard Joseph Kingston III
Co Founder Puffy Paws Kitty Haven

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Every time you donate

Every time you donate you will be entered A Chance To Win This Beige 6 Foot Cat Tree Pet House Your Kitties Will Love You For It.
Suggested Donation - $10

Big Special Announcements
Special Announcements :We have a June winner !!!!!! Congratulations to Kathleen Mangrich of CA. Kathleen and her kitties they are the proud owner of the Beige 6 foot cat tree pet house. Thank you everyone who donated and enter the contest. 
Thank you so very much we made the Thrift Shop Rent of $420. !!! Also enough funds came in the kitties daily supplies of $250 a day for Friday -Saturday & Sunday. The kitties are blessed to have a world wide family that loves them ever so much. Thank You !!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

KITTY DRAMA  - JUST KICK ME IN THE HEAD ! I received this email and here is my responses. 

The email -  " I am finally unsubscribing. When you first opened I sent you $100 and followed your progress thereafter. Still have a clipping about you from 2008 and it's virtually the same report as today and every day.

I am a cat person and admire your efforts on behalf of needy felines. However you have lots of competition in Englewood (too much?)  I do NOT admire your willingness to let your WIFE do hour upon hour of heavy-duty work. Your wife should come first, in my opinion. 

I feed two indoor cats and two feral cats every day and struggle to meet my bills. My only choice is to say GOODBYE and GOOD LUCK. "

My responses - Open Letter: I have become a " Social Media High Tech Beggar " it may not be pretty but it works. 

Everyday we must ask for help from Cat Lovers from all over the world, so that we may keep continuing our mission in helping the special need & unwanted kitties under our care.

Our On-Line - “ Just Ask - Hope You Can Help “ - campaign was launched two years ago and has raised over $175,000.

Some folks cry they do not like our fund raising tactics. Our reality is the brutal truth. We have never sugar-coated it. Thats why the kitties are alive today because the kitty lovers of the world know about our daily dilemma.

Its truth or consequences fund raising. If folks do not donate - We can not take care of the cats and if this happens and if the $3,000 a month operating expense are not paid, we will have to shut down and the cats will die at the hand of others.

We are not for everyone. When folks want to move on they unsubscribe from the emailing list.

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven , is the only group in the area that has their monthly operating expenses on-line, for all to view.

Our books are open to the public, upon request. We update multiply times on facebook everyday , and other social networks.

We puts out more videos, pictures and we are the only group  in the area that has a Live streaming TV Show every night  so you can see how your donations dollars are working by seeing all the kitties healthy and happy and alive.

No group in the area puts out more content and updates than Puffy Paws does.

We are sorry to see you go.

Thank you for your support through out the years.

Please call me @ 941-623-8904. If you wish to get all the details in why things the way the are.

Their is so much more I can tell you over the phone to put all the pieces to the puzzle together.

I just revamped the Website to give a clearer picture in why its almost impossible to gain a footing in Englewood. Its called The Good Old Boy Network.

In the small town Puffy Paws resides in, early on we found out most town folks pick their rescues like a NFL football team. They pick one team and have disdain for the rest.

Some local folks have tried to shut Puffy Paws Kitty Haven down, when power, money and prestige is involved their will always be dirty deeds abound.

Its a catch 22 with Chrissy ! We are trying to integrated our schedule so that I still can raise funds. I work around 10 hours a day to do accomplish this and than go back to the Haven and help her.

At the same time she wants my help but I get in her way and disrupt her schedule.

About the competition . Stupid me !!!!! I took the cats in, instead of limiting the number of cats and all we do is spend all donations on the kitties daily needs and operating expenses.


The bottom line is the cats are taken care of, we have the lowest administrative and fund fund-raising cost out of anyone in the area, all by asking for help when we need it, on-line.

Our community is use to supporting high salaries and euathasia.
But they do not support us !!!

The local director of the Humane Society makes $87,000 a year and the donors pay for that.

Through out the years thousands of cat have lost their lives at the Humane Society.

We are  a common sense no-kill rescue. tt cost $125,000 to run Puffy Paws for  a year just for the kitties daily need and operating expense.

Which I raised last year only by asking for help when needed.

Where is the justice in that ????

Now what the "Competition" does is limit the number of cats they take it, throw them in cages  and spend the majority of  donations from their donors on high salaries and administration cost and euthanasia of thousands of animals through out the years.

All my information is backed up by government reports, emails, and hard facts and figures these groups have put out through out the years.

I will never stop asking for help when the cats need it.