Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stalker In The Mist.
Let it be known. Board member of the other rescue group in the area. When you see Chrisy at the Vet, leave my wife alone. Our business at the Vet is Puffy Paws and not yours to pry. Nothing has ever come good for Puffy Paws as you try to meddle in our affairs.

The office manger has told you and your group to leave us be. But this morning when you wanted to know why Chrissy was back at the Vet and Chrissy told you it was none of your business and you called her weird that was uncalled for.

 But when you followed Chrissy home from the Vet in your truck, you just crossed over the line. This leadsus to believe you are very unstable and the proper measures are be taken .

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thank you everyone. We made it through Tuesday only by the love of the kitty lovers around the world. I know its a rough going on us all humans and thank God the Puffy Paws kitties only know love, courage and human kindness as they go about their second chance of life at Puffy Paws,We all can never let such innocence creatures down.Only by asking for help when we need it, is the way we make it at a day at a time. Mad Kitty Love & Paws up !!!!

 Two kitties are going to the Vet

VETERINARY CARE -Two kitties are going to the Vet today for dentals. Estimated cost $200-$300. Any help will be great.
* Being a Cat Hospice Vet care is provided at cost from the great folks at Loving Care Animal Hospital.
The vet care for the kitties usually runs $500 & up a month.
2 Ways To Donate
1. Donate On-line.
2. Call Loving Care Animal Hospital To Put Funds On Puffy Paws Kitty Haven Account at
941-474- 7771.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Out with the old in with the Mew !!

Englewood Strangest Store

Out with the old in with the Mew !!! It saddens my heart that the community really never donated to the Thrift Shop as they do the others in the area. If they did I would never have to beg. I guess I saw this coming when we first open up nearly four years ago.

That is why on the inside I decided to specialize in the strange and unique. ( See Article ). We now have a niche customer base but not enough to support Puffy Paws. The Shop did $7,000 worth of business in 2012. Mostly from old school video gamers .

Without local media support the outside of the Shop never stood a chance to grow and with me being by myself , these days , it was so labor intense-of. We shut it down to to raise fund in other areas.
No more $1 bins,

We still need the Shop because it does generate funds.
We are going on-line with a lot of the stuff in the Shop on a new facebook page to raise even more funds world wide.

We are still taking donations. I never will say no to anything. We have a sorting system in place. Were I can store it, shelve it or donate it to a smaller non profit that needs help and they have a market for the stuff that we can not sell. It still helps the Community.

I get sick and tried of being so misunderstood by this community we live in. They just do not know how much good. I do not have to run to the local media every-time I do good to toot my horn or to get my picture in the Newspaper and when I try to get local coverage the brassily tell me to piss off my not running any of our success stories.

Since I march to my own juke box and have a low tolerance for
high euthanasia and corruption with the other local groups over the years and bad customer service. All this community is able to do is spread lies,rumors and gossip.

Truth to be told we have to keep a low profile locally.When we have a high profile in the community that brings out the evil in Town that has many times tried to shut Puffy Paws down.

They tried to shut down the Thrift Shop ,only after 10 days when we open nearly four years ago,

See articles.

But by improvising , adapting and overcoming any situation at hand and with the love of the kitty lovers around the world
we survived.

And for this we will always be eternally grateful for each and everyone of you !!

Moving slow this morning. 

Today is the last day of heavy moving stuff around at the Thrift Shop. Uncle Eddie and Ken is going to help me. We have the storage tent to clean out. Its so full we can not get in their. Most of the stuff is going to Project Phoenix.

Than I can put my time on the collectable stuff on the inside of the Shop & computer work. Since their is no outside of the Thrift Shop anymore. I need to replace the lost income from it, Since I do not have to open and close the outside. No more worry about the rain and or hurricanes

I do not want to mess with the eBay store since Catherine is doing doing a great job and because of her hard work we have a 100% feed back rating.

This week I want be setting up a facebook GiveAway page. Make a donation and get cool stuff......How cool is that ?????

Saturday, January 26, 2013

 What a great live Show.

What a great live Show. We had Story Time..Rick read to the kitties, Rick ate cat food and he spoke German to the kitties and did a Jerry Lewis impression. The kitties got stone on catnip,had treats and devoured a platter of chicken livers. Check it out !!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

 Today I had to do the right thing.

Today I had to do the right thing. I had two choices - Let an outside stray kitty get eaten alive by a Bobcat or say yes to entry into the Haven . I said " Yes ".

The Bobcat was coming around the house were the kitty was being feed.
Bobcats will kill a house cat in a heart meal for a meal. That is the sad reality of life in Florida.

That is one of the reason why when someone adopts a Puffy Paws kitty they sign a contact stating they will never let the kitty be an outside cat.

We saved Sassy from the same fate lat year and their is always a monthly support check from Bob. He called me and Kit Kat came in to the Haven after the Vet appt this afternoon.

With being down to one vehicle I had to close the Thrift Shop at 1pm today. She is negative on her snap test and is available for adoption. She is around 4 years old. Long hair calico. She is adjusting to the Haven right now.

It was a now or never decision. I could not let Kit Kat succumb to a Bobcat.

She will be at our next adoption event at Mike's Pet tore on Sunday Feb 10th.

Bob and his wife are going to be helping me with the adoption event to.

Everyday is a new adventure and as long at the end of the day the kitties are taken care of we all did our job we all earned a special place in the hearts of the kitties here at Puffy Paws.

Thank You
Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank You!

OMG....Thank You.. ( $1170 .14 -Paid Out In Less Than 24 Hours )

The outpouring was awesome from the SOS's and facebook support. Last night & tonight
( $550 ) - Kitties have dinner, dry, and breakfast !!

We have enough funds for their litter and cleaning supplies.
But that is not all !!!

We paid the FPL 2nd Extension Payment - $196.01

We paid the extended payment agreement with Verizon for the wireless internet at the Thrift Shop & Haven - $279.13.

We got out and paid the Florida State Consumer of Division Affairs $145 for our annual report for 2012.

All these operating expenses & report were due today or no power, no way to fundraiser and no permission to fund-raise in the State of Florida...

You guys are awesome !!! Mad Kitty Love To You All...

The nappy time kitties wishes you a great afternoon !!!

I LOVE MY WIFE: As you can image my wife and I relationship is put to the test each and everyday.We seldom see each other. The time spent is brief and its between Chrissy scooping cat boxes ,cleaning and feeding the kitties.The ban of having no help is destroying my wife. She has lost her life.Her life is the kitties. Her unconditional love for them enables her to move ahead everyday. It’s hard to accept the fact that the cats have to come over our marriage in order to maintain a clean, safe environment for them. People have asked me “ Why do you stay” ?

Because even tho I do not have a traditional marriage to my wife were there is quality time spent together and all the perks and benefits one excepts in a marriage there is a deep bond of love for her deep in my soul.

She is my wife when I took my vows “For better or for Worst” I vowed I will live by them until the day we are no more.

I know I have many selfish faults but each day I try to become a better man and I’m not always successful. That is why I try to put her needs and the needs of the cats above my own selfish desires.

My heart is in pain for Chrissy, the way she works non stop, the powerlessness I feel because I can not seem to get any relieve for her daily drudgery.

The physical pain she endures on a daily basic with her rheumatoid arthritis and the 3 rupture discs in her back from 3 car wrecks , she was in when she was younger, brings to me to cry out to God and ask for mercy for her and I feel anger when none is given.

She is a frail woman with the inner strength of a 1,000 men.

I take the full blunt of her anger and resentment she feels for me, because I said . Yes when I should have said no in taking in the last 100 kitties under our care. I too have taken her life away.

I long for the days that we may become one and share and laugh and cuddle as a married couple.

I stay because the deep love I have for my wife which I cannot express in a traditional way and the love I have for the cats.

My daily actions speaks louder than my words. Because when I open up my mouth over my own personal anger and resentments, I hurts the one I love. I pray for God to hold my tongue so that I may not increase her burdens. But half the time it does not work.

We put the kitties first. They are helpless and we are their care givers. there are 200 hearts beats at stake here and that’s why we are one from afar.

Rick Kingston

Monthly Gift of Love
Please Make An Ongoing Commitment Of Only $1 A Month Or More Your on-going monthly donation of either $1 $5 $10 $25 $50 0r $100. will give us enough funds to keep the doors open at Puffy Paws.

To Make Your Gift
Our goal is to raise $11,000 a month in monthly reoccurring donations. So far we have $410 in Gifts Per Month.

The cost is $11,000 a month to keep the kitties alive and well.

If we fail at raising the funds needed every day for the kitties under our care, there will be no other option but to close down. What choice would we have?

An entire cat hospice will be wiped out and only painful and sad stories will be told because we could not round up the worldwide awareness and monthly financial help these beautiful cats deserve.

You have the power to avert this tragedy today.

If Everyone Did a Little Monthly.There Would Be Little Left To Do !

Your monthly donation will go a long ways in securing the kitties future.

In these hard economical times, we all know the personal sacrifices each and everyone of you make when you donate to the kitties at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven and for this we will always be eternally grateful.

Please only give what your heart & monthly budget can afford.

Thank You
Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties
Founders Puffy Paws Kitty Haven

Special Announcement : Monthly Gift of Love - I know everyone wants to helps to achieve our goal of steady funding for Puffy Paws through out the year. If we all do not act now it will surely be the death of Puffy Paws down the road due to the lack of incoming steady funds. We make it by the skin of our teeth everyday. Chrissy and I are getting older and the stress kills all of us ,each and every day and how long can we keep asking the same donors to help out day after day ?

The math is simple. Our goal is to reach $11,000 in monthly reoccurring donations through our Monthly Gift of Love Program via credit card. We can set up a checking system, down the road. This will give Puffy Paws a steady stream of funding through out the month and year.

Example: If 1100 kitty lovers donated $10 through the program a month. We made our goal and Puffy goes on !!!!!

We have different monthly pledge levels for all budgets.
$1 $5 $10 $25 $50 $100
To Get Started : Click Here.

Right now we have $410 coming in through the Monthly Gift of Love Program. It can be done !!

But we need your help. If we tackle this right we can set up Teams. And you can recruit your family and friend to be on your Team.

We can get donated items for prizes. Just like a High School fundraiser.

How cool is that. Put your thinking caps on because this is our left house on the left for a long term solution for the kitties at Puffy Paws.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OMG !!! WE MADE IT !!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!

The kitties paws reach all over the world thanks to social media. 

FPL Bill Due $196.01 Without Power No Haven

For The December Bill: $491.01
1st Payment Was Paid: $294.00- Thank You.
2nd Payment is Due Thursday January 24th,2013 By Midnight $196.01
Past Due: Was Due On Dec 12, 20012
Without Power No Haven
2 Ways To Help
Donate on-line
You May Pay FPL Directly
By using Western Union Speed Pay
Catherine takes care of the eBay store for the kitties.

Did you know that Catherine takes care of the eBay store for the kitties and she is located in CA. She donates all the goods herself and the kitties get 50%. She does all the hard work of listing ,shipping and we have 100% feed back rating because of her hard work. Mad Kitty Love goes out to Catherine.
Ming & Bob wishes you all a good morning.

Do you have any orange kitties that own you ???

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My 14 year old cousin Zach went missing
Wow..It never ends for us over here at Puffy Paws.I just found out that my 14 year old cousin Zach went missing and they found him. Prays for my family.

Show some Mad Kitty Love to Justine & Carrol for sending out a ton of coupons for the kitties. Chrissy save around $20-$30 a week with the coupons you all send her. Please send your coupons to PPKH 270 Lakeview Lane, Englewood Florida.

Thank you Da kitties !!

a message from Chrissy.

i had knee surgery in 1989. i need a knee replacement, but i will never do it. the bone is so worn down because all the cartilage was removed and throughout the years of having over a hundred steriod shots and lots of physical therapy, i live with it. most days the swelling is awful. yesturday i was changing a light bulb and i lost my balance on a ladder and fell backwards in the stone driveway. i was still off balance from that when i fell in the bedroom. ouch!!!!! i'm bruised and sore, but i will recover in a few days. thank you for all your comments. most of all i'm grateful for your continued support for the kitties. they mean so much to me, they keep me going. love to all of you always chrissy and the kitties

Not Good News:

To Help And Read All About Chrissy

Not Good News: Chrissy took two bad falls yesterday. One off camera during the live show and the other outside.You can her fall at 39 min 27 seconds into the show.

She lose her balance due to her swollen knee cause of her rheumatoid arthritis. She is in pain and is sore. After she went to bed last night I went over to the Thrift Shop and worked till 4am in the morning. Today Chrissy needs my help with the heavy stuff so I'm over here at the Haven helping her. With the Thrift Shop closed for the day, we need your help in making in through the next 24 hours.
The good news is that we have wet dinner for the kitties but still in need of the following.
By 7:pm - Mike's Pet Store Closes

Wellness - 12.5 oz Cans - Chicken - 37.5 pounds a day.
$2.58 Per Can.
24 Cans For Wednesday Breakfast
2 case a day ( $30.96 Each )


Wellness 12 Ibs bag / 1 bag a day
Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal and Rice Recipe

By 9pm -Publix Closes at 9pm


TIDY CAT LITTER - 420 pounds a day
14 bags a day at $6.29 each = $88.06


Bleach $3.00
Paper Towels $12.00
Black Garbage Bag $ 6.00
Floor Cleaner $4.00

A $1 $5 $10 donation will help us restock the Haven for the next 24 hours
Every-little bit helps.

Thank You - Da kitties

Monday, January 21, 2013

Leave A Buck Wish The Kitties Luck

If 1,000,000 Million Cat Lovers from around the world came to our Web Site and if every single person who is reading this just donates only $1 dollars "The World's Greatest Cathouse", will never crumble.

Click Here To Leave A Buck & Wish The Kitties Luck 
Is The Mad Kitty Mad Man really going to eat cat food tonight !!!
Tune In To See.

 Since 2009, Puffy Paws is the first rescue in the area that features adoptable & special needs kitties LIVE on USTREAM.

Show-times: 10:00pm - 10:30pm - Every Monday & Friday.
If You Missed The Show Live You Can Always Watch The Archive Shows. Call us at ( 941) 623 -8904 to set up a play date at Mike's Pet Store in Englewood,with a kitty you see on USTREAM !
Hello Zombie

                                                      Without Power No Haven


For The December Bill: $491.01
1st Payment Was Paid: $294.00- Thank You.
2nd Payment is Due Thursday January 24th,2013 By Midnight $196.01
Without Power No Haven
2 Ways To Help
Donate on-line

You May Pay FPL Directly
By using Western Union Speed Pay

Account Name: Christine Ann Kingston
Account Number: 594 951 9424
Service Address: 270 Lakeview Ln Englewood FL, 34223

 " With great power comes great responsibility "

The Mad Kitty Mad Man & Chrissy sharing a tender !!!!
Founders of The World Greatest Cathouse - Puffy Paws Kitty Haven. Mad Kitty Love to the kitty lovers of the world !!!!

It sucks to be me. As I was eating my dinner last night, a part of one of my tooth fall off I'm lucky I'm in no pain Its the little things so lately I have been watching a lot of Superhero cartoons & cartoon movies. Spiderman is my all time favorite. 

I always related to Spiderman ever since I was a avid reader of comic books as a kid. Maybe because i was a geek who turn into a punk and years latter turned into a selfish young man and now with all of my 50 years of life experiences living and thinking outside the box. I have gain skills that I use everyday to give voice to the voiceless. 

On moments like this I feel very alone but I was given these skills to use for others. As Uncle Ben would say " With great power comes great responsibility " I thank God for what he has given me to be used for good for the voiceless kitties that surrender me. Yet I feel like Peter Parker walking a path less travel and alone tonight, Peace out !!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We are on Pinterest.

Click to see Us On Pinterest

 Special Need Cats

This board was created to raise awareness about Puffy Paws Kitty Haven which unofficially began 15 years ago in the loving home of Chrissy & Rick Kingston. Now Englewood, Florida’s “World’s Greatest Cathouse,“ PPKH is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, no-kill cat hospice and rescue specializing in providing quality and loving care to special needs cats and finding homes for the adoptable kitties under their care. “A Reporter from ABC 7 News has called PPKH " A Bed & Breakfast For Cats ".

My Name Is Stubs. I Is Looking For A Fur-Ever Home ! Call Puffy Paws Kitty Haven 941-623-8904 To Set Up A Play Date With Me At Mike's Pet Store In Englewood