Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a message from Chrissy.

i had knee surgery in 1989. i need a knee replacement, but i will never do it. the bone is so worn down because all the cartilage was removed and throughout the years of having over a hundred steriod shots and lots of physical therapy, i live with it. most days the swelling is awful. yesturday i was changing a light bulb and i lost my balance on a ladder and fell backwards in the stone driveway. i was still off balance from that when i fell in the bedroom. ouch!!!!! i'm bruised and sore, but i will recover in a few days. thank you for all your comments. most of all i'm grateful for your continued support for the kitties. they mean so much to me, they keep me going. love to all of you always chrissy and the kitties

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