Sunday, January 27, 2013

Out with the old in with the Mew !!

Englewood Strangest Store

Out with the old in with the Mew !!! It saddens my heart that the community really never donated to the Thrift Shop as they do the others in the area. If they did I would never have to beg. I guess I saw this coming when we first open up nearly four years ago.

That is why on the inside I decided to specialize in the strange and unique. ( See Article ). We now have a niche customer base but not enough to support Puffy Paws. The Shop did $7,000 worth of business in 2012. Mostly from old school video gamers .

Without local media support the outside of the Shop never stood a chance to grow and with me being by myself , these days , it was so labor intense-of. We shut it down to to raise fund in other areas.
No more $1 bins,

We still need the Shop because it does generate funds.
We are going on-line with a lot of the stuff in the Shop on a new facebook page to raise even more funds world wide.

We are still taking donations. I never will say no to anything. We have a sorting system in place. Were I can store it, shelve it or donate it to a smaller non profit that needs help and they have a market for the stuff that we can not sell. It still helps the Community.

I get sick and tried of being so misunderstood by this community we live in. They just do not know how much good. I do not have to run to the local media every-time I do good to toot my horn or to get my picture in the Newspaper and when I try to get local coverage the brassily tell me to piss off my not running any of our success stories.

Since I march to my own juke box and have a low tolerance for
high euthanasia and corruption with the other local groups over the years and bad customer service. All this community is able to do is spread lies,rumors and gossip.

Truth to be told we have to keep a low profile locally.When we have a high profile in the community that brings out the evil in Town that has many times tried to shut Puffy Paws down.

They tried to shut down the Thrift Shop ,only after 10 days when we open nearly four years ago,

See articles.

But by improvising , adapting and overcoming any situation at hand and with the love of the kitty lovers around the world
we survived.

And for this we will always be eternally grateful for each and everyone of you !!

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