Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thank You!

OMG....Thank You.. ( $1170 .14 -Paid Out In Less Than 24 Hours )

The outpouring was awesome from the SOS's and facebook support. Last night & tonight
( $550 ) - Kitties have dinner, dry, and breakfast !!

We have enough funds for their litter and cleaning supplies.
But that is not all !!!

We paid the FPL 2nd Extension Payment - $196.01

We paid the extended payment agreement with Verizon for the wireless internet at the Thrift Shop & Haven - $279.13.

We got out and paid the Florida State Consumer of Division Affairs $145 for our annual report for 2012.

All these operating expenses & report were due today or no power, no way to fundraiser and no permission to fund-raise in the State of Florida...

You guys are awesome !!! Mad Kitty Love To You All...

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