Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Teach a man to fish - feed him for a lifetime

What we are trying to do over here at Puffy Paws is let everyone know what we go through on a typical day here  with pictures and videos. The good ,the bad and the ugly !!!  We are the first and only rescue in the area uploading content to a Photobucket page using a mobile cell phone.

Click To See The Kitties Photobucket Page

This lets the whole world see what we do on a daily basic. As we create awareness through pictures and videos on the go ,we are also creating donors for the survival of the kitties As you can tell the quality of the pictures & videos are not the greatest due to the limitation of the cell phone I'm using. Right now I'm the only one taking pictures and videos.

Our goal is to purchase two new phones with higher quality image and built in flash,  so Chrissy can start taking pictures and videos of the kitties and her trials and tribulations. Just  think how cool this is going to be, pictures and videos on the go, coming in all hours of the night and day for your enjoyment !!!!Fund needed: $119 per phone with a $30 mail in rebate -End Cost $89. Give a man a fish feed him one time - Teach a man to fish - feed him for a lifetime @@@@@@@@@@@ 

Please help us create awareness  all over the World

Click here to see the cell phone we need !!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Corporate Greed Stinks Like A Cat Litter Box

Dear Kitty Lovers of The World 

Only through faith and hope and the love you have for the kitties is the only way we make it a day at a time.

In these hard economical times we are so grateful for you kind hearts.

As you know when gas prices ...goes up everything goes up and than some.

We just want to let you know that Walmart raised their price of Friskies - 13 oz Cans - Turkey & Giblets from 70 cents a can to 94 cents a can.

The kitties eat 4 case a day ( 96 Cans)

What cost us $67.20 a day now cost $90.24.

An increase cost of $23.04 a day or $8408.60 a year.

That is not all. Publixs raised their price of their Tiddy Cat from $5.39 a bag to $6.29 a bag.

Walmart sell The Tidy Cats Litter for $5.54 a bag.

We are only using 20 bags a day instead of 22.

So now we are getting the litter from Walmart with a daily increase of $3 a day or $1083 dollars a year.

We are looking into other avenues in getting the wet cat food directly.

But in the mean time I’m changing the Web site to reflect these changes.

The good news is Sweetie Pie & Charlie had dentals at the Vet - $257 for the two !!!!!!

The February Thrift Shop Rent was paid - $469 & we made a payment agreement to pay the March rent ( $460.00) on Friday March 16, 20012.

The Metro Cell Phone was paid $81.00

On the burner - I need to think way outside the box this week to take the burden off your shoulders so we be launching a " MEGA KITTY ON-LINE FUND -RAISER " .

Our Goal is to seek out 3,000 new kitty lovers through-out the World Wide Web to just donate only $10 each.

When we meet our goal we will have three months of operating expenses in reserves.

I will be pulling every rabbit out of the hat !!! Using every card up my sleeve to pull this off.

Remember I'm a "Social Media High Tech Beggar" who last year raised $80,000 dollars for the kitties on-line.

And in the month of February on-line donations reached- $9,299.85

With the Internet & the Thrift Shop doors open & the cell phones on I have to believe I can do anything that is set before my path for the kitties.

Once again my job is " Just Ask - Hope You Can Help for the kitties daily needs"

A $1 $5 $10 donation will go along ways in getting the kitties daily supplies for the next 24 hours.

Please click on our Web Site above to help !!!

If you can help please do
Mad Kitty Love To You All !!!!!
Rick & Chrissy & The Kitties