Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Special Announcement: Please leave some comments to give Chrissy hope that this to shall pass.

Stipend n. A fixed and regular payment, such as a salary for services rendered or an allowance.

Image you wake everyday taking care of 246 kitties by yourself in your home.

You world is looking down at a cat litter box so that the kitties under your care live in a clean and healthy environment.

Newspapers reporters and news crews from ABC, NBC & SNN Local News have visited your home year after year , comparing your home to a ‘Bed & Breakfast For Cats”

Your home was featured in the New York Post..

Time after time, the media has said, no odor and your home is spotless and the kitties are happy and well cared for.

All because you work 18 hours a day in and day out.

You lug 660 pounds of cat litter around a day, Cleaning up, moping, vacuuming and feeding the kitties takes all of your time away from family and friends.

You need help but how can you get help when the County you live in banned all your volunteers from helping ?

The love for the kitties under your care keeps you going but than, you are tried, hope is seems to be fleeting .

What to do ?

Well Chrissy and I have decided that we are willing to pay out of our pockets a small stipend to get the help Chrissy needs tot take care of the kitties.

Her grueling schedule commands that she can not do it by herself anymore.

The last time I checked this is America and people pay other people to take care of their pets.

So we are doing the same. So please call me if you want to help Chrissy out.

If you have a few hours to spare a week ,please call me at 941-623-8904 to set up an interview.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Positive Posses

Today was a long one. I’m still at the Thrift Shop. I had a CSP kid start at 10am.
Good worker. I thought I had him all day but he got a job and had to leave at 2pm.

He unloaded the Van and I was stuck with sorting it out all day long and I’m just finishing up.

On the bright side now we have a nice clean Van and new stuff to put out on the tables.

Josh is going to start putting the Video Games Systems together on Tuesday.

We lose money when people want one and they are not hooked up.

Now that  the Thrift Shop is easier for me to handle.

I will started another 5,000 dollars fund raising Campaign and lots of smaller one on Causes, during the day.

I did buy an planner book and all the stuff to get myself better organized

You know I’m good at making up slogans and sayings. Here is a new one.

I had to call  up My “ Positive Posses “, today.

Cause I did not understand once again “Why” people have to act like they do, when it comes to animal rescue.

I was told basically the same thing from the “Positive Posses” -  “SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO YOUR JOB ”.

I know that I have to keep the focus on Puffy Paws and not get warped up in dysfunction.

Than six hour latter a supporter of the kitties came to the shop and said

“ I really enjoy all the new administers girls posting on facebook because you were going off for a while”.

I said “Yeah I know” and I told her its hard being on the front-line and I get emotionally
out of control sometime because we are dealing with  kitties heartbeats”.

I know in my hearts of hearts there is a time and place for everything.

I will let you know the good & bad & the ugly when it is appropriate.

Today was not the day because things are going as according to plan.

So I sucked it up and we got a lot done today and I will be working through out the night.

God Bless Everyone ! Even that Tiny Tim kid. MOL 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Reality Check

REALITY CHECK BY RICK: If you have been reading the posts between James and I. He is right the kitties have conquered the 'World".

Now we have to go back to our roots and conquered the local area.

I have tried to crack the " Good Old Boy Network" in this town and I can not.
We have been down many roads before and the doors was slammed in our face ,time after time.

But we are not going away.

We will knock on all these doors once again and we will create our own

" Good Olde Kitty Network "

By using are members of “ Team Puffy Paws”.

So I we be sending out new door knockers.

Unfortunately my nature is one of either you 'Love me or hate me".

I can not change that.

I'm a good man. I have my faults. I have feelings and I feel pain , just like everyone else.

I have made mistakes in this Community but the kitties do not have go with out because of this.

" I ask from this Community do not punish your kitties that we took in so we may save their lifes and find homes for them because of my past indiscretions "

I have been making amends when ever possible.

If you have any issues or concerns with me , I invite you to call me at 941-623-8904 or stop down at our Donation center next to the Englewood's Walmart.

Let me put my hand out and set matters right between us

My calling is to go on and find these cats home and take care of the ones that were left behind.

My actions speak louder than my words.

I can only try to be a better person so my actions do not hurt the kitties.

My ego is not that big that I know I need help from other people to get things done that I can not.

We can always find 10 people that like what we do and that will support the kitties. for everyone one person who does not.

My voice is not right for every situation and projects that we need to be completed.

I know this.

Take me out of the picture and we will send in the troops that will put a smile on these folks face.

But we need troops.

We must seek and find new members for ‘Team puffy Paws ‘ in of our local community.

Look how many local people are members of " Team Puffy Paws" in a few short weeks.

Chrissy and I are tried.

We are doing everything right except we are getting slaughtered in the Public Relations Department locally.

You have to remember most of the other groups take cares of the dogs.

They have support of the dog people. We do not.

A lot of people do not like cats.

We are only two people doing the job of 20.

We needed help and it has arrived. Thank you everyone !

But more help is needed.

We are looking for new members for " Team Puffy Paws " in the Community.

We are going back to our roots with craigslist and every other form of media that is out their.

It was instrumental in us adopting out 300 kitties since 2007.

craigslist actually put us on the map with the animal community.

It has put food in the kitties tummies, brought us wonderful donors, gamers and supporters .

And its " FREE ".

With flaggers being such a problem we need an army of posters to make this work.

Get flag - re-repost.

WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE ON CRAIGSLIST - as long as we post in the right category

But we have to post everyday with our various activities and events to make it work.

We can have our adoptable kitties on craigslist with the adoption fee listed and services provided for that fee.

Craigslist rules states;

"No pet sales or breeding please -- re-homing with small adoption fee OK "

We screen and interview each and every person that has or will adoptable a kitty from Puffy Paws.

In closing - we have a job to do and we are using all the resources that are available in the Community.

We need new voices for the kitties and your help.

A few minutes of the day all it takes.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011






We are so close yet so far. The only reason the kitties are alive today is through the love of the kitties lovers through out the world.

Locally we have a handful of supporters and we are this fact.

But what a job they are doing.

But this does not mean we will never stop trying to get more help the kitties need locally and world wide.

As you know Chrissy and I do the work of 20 people and through our love for the kitties and your help, we are making it at a day at a time.

It cost around $7500 a month for the kitties daily supplies and around $3,000 dollars for the operating expenses.

The Thrift Shop alone can not generate this type of funds needed in keeping the doors open at Puffy Paws.

But our - “ Just Ask Hope You Can Help “ Internet Fund Raising Campaign has.


Facilitated by the “ The World’s Greatest Social Media High Tech Beggar”.
Richard Joseph Kingston 11 - That will be me.

We can not thank you enough.

However we are falling short behind all the bills once again and we are making it with the kitties daily needs by a miracle and a prayer.

Our nerves our shot at the end of the day.

We will continue do to what we do for the kitties under our care

Chrissy needs her supplies in a timely fashion everyday.

She can not do her job without them.

She is willing to continue her grueling schedule as long as we can care for the kitties properly and get the adoptable kitties into ‘Fur -Ever” homes.

When the day comes that we fail day after day, the only humane thing will be is to give them all up.

Their fate will be most certainly death.

Yet we will never surrender ,we will keep on trucking alone as long as we can take care of the kitties properly.

Yet we still need your help World Wide & locally everyday to carry out our mission.

Adopt - Donate -Volunteer -Share & Pray

Can you image if you had more help locally and on-line volunteers ?

We could get help from Grants, put on fund raising events, Adoption events , get our eBay store up and running , PR events. Start producing The Reality TV Show’ The Adventures of the World’s Greatest Cathouse “Cat Lovers contacting the companies that can help us.”

The sky is the limit.

It been me and Chrissy for a long time now and we can not do this alone.

We need you.

Once again we are so close but yet so far .

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and Mad Kitty Love goes out to you all.