Monday, February 14, 2011

The Positive Posses

Today was a long one. I’m still at the Thrift Shop. I had a CSP kid start at 10am.
Good worker. I thought I had him all day but he got a job and had to leave at 2pm.

He unloaded the Van and I was stuck with sorting it out all day long and I’m just finishing up.

On the bright side now we have a nice clean Van and new stuff to put out on the tables.

Josh is going to start putting the Video Games Systems together on Tuesday.

We lose money when people want one and they are not hooked up.

Now that  the Thrift Shop is easier for me to handle.

I will started another 5,000 dollars fund raising Campaign and lots of smaller one on Causes, during the day.

I did buy an planner book and all the stuff to get myself better organized

You know I’m good at making up slogans and sayings. Here is a new one.

I had to call  up My “ Positive Posses “, today.

Cause I did not understand once again “Why” people have to act like they do, when it comes to animal rescue.

I was told basically the same thing from the “Positive Posses” -  “SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO YOUR JOB ”.

I know that I have to keep the focus on Puffy Paws and not get warped up in dysfunction.

Than six hour latter a supporter of the kitties came to the shop and said

“ I really enjoy all the new administers girls posting on facebook because you were going off for a while”.

I said “Yeah I know” and I told her its hard being on the front-line and I get emotionally
out of control sometime because we are dealing with  kitties heartbeats”.

I know in my hearts of hearts there is a time and place for everything.

I will let you know the good & bad & the ugly when it is appropriate.

Today was not the day because things are going as according to plan.

So I sucked it up and we got a lot done today and I will be working through out the night.

God Bless Everyone ! Even that Tiny Tim kid. MOL 


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