Friday, February 11, 2011

Reality Check

REALITY CHECK BY RICK: If you have been reading the posts between James and I. He is right the kitties have conquered the 'World".

Now we have to go back to our roots and conquered the local area.

I have tried to crack the " Good Old Boy Network" in this town and I can not.
We have been down many roads before and the doors was slammed in our face ,time after time.

But we are not going away.

We will knock on all these doors once again and we will create our own

" Good Olde Kitty Network "

By using are members of “ Team Puffy Paws”.

So I we be sending out new door knockers.

Unfortunately my nature is one of either you 'Love me or hate me".

I can not change that.

I'm a good man. I have my faults. I have feelings and I feel pain , just like everyone else.

I have made mistakes in this Community but the kitties do not have go with out because of this.

" I ask from this Community do not punish your kitties that we took in so we may save their lifes and find homes for them because of my past indiscretions "

I have been making amends when ever possible.

If you have any issues or concerns with me , I invite you to call me at 941-623-8904 or stop down at our Donation center next to the Englewood's Walmart.

Let me put my hand out and set matters right between us

My calling is to go on and find these cats home and take care of the ones that were left behind.

My actions speak louder than my words.

I can only try to be a better person so my actions do not hurt the kitties.

My ego is not that big that I know I need help from other people to get things done that I can not.

We can always find 10 people that like what we do and that will support the kitties. for everyone one person who does not.

My voice is not right for every situation and projects that we need to be completed.

I know this.

Take me out of the picture and we will send in the troops that will put a smile on these folks face.

But we need troops.

We must seek and find new members for ‘Team puffy Paws ‘ in of our local community.

Look how many local people are members of " Team Puffy Paws" in a few short weeks.

Chrissy and I are tried.

We are doing everything right except we are getting slaughtered in the Public Relations Department locally.

You have to remember most of the other groups take cares of the dogs.

They have support of the dog people. We do not.

A lot of people do not like cats.

We are only two people doing the job of 20.

We needed help and it has arrived. Thank you everyone !

But more help is needed.

We are looking for new members for " Team Puffy Paws " in the Community.

We are going back to our roots with craigslist and every other form of media that is out their.

It was instrumental in us adopting out 300 kitties since 2007.

craigslist actually put us on the map with the animal community.

It has put food in the kitties tummies, brought us wonderful donors, gamers and supporters .

And its " FREE ".

With flaggers being such a problem we need an army of posters to make this work.

Get flag - re-repost.

WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE ON CRAIGSLIST - as long as we post in the right category

But we have to post everyday with our various activities and events to make it work.

We can have our adoptable kitties on craigslist with the adoption fee listed and services provided for that fee.

Craigslist rules states;

"No pet sales or breeding please -- re-homing with small adoption fee OK "

We screen and interview each and every person that has or will adoptable a kitty from Puffy Paws.

In closing - we have a job to do and we are using all the resources that are available in the Community.

We need new voices for the kitties and your help.

A few minutes of the day all it takes.


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