Friday, January 25, 2013

 Today I had to do the right thing.

Today I had to do the right thing. I had two choices - Let an outside stray kitty get eaten alive by a Bobcat or say yes to entry into the Haven . I said " Yes ".

The Bobcat was coming around the house were the kitty was being feed.
Bobcats will kill a house cat in a heart meal for a meal. That is the sad reality of life in Florida.

That is one of the reason why when someone adopts a Puffy Paws kitty they sign a contact stating they will never let the kitty be an outside cat.

We saved Sassy from the same fate lat year and their is always a monthly support check from Bob. He called me and Kit Kat came in to the Haven after the Vet appt this afternoon.

With being down to one vehicle I had to close the Thrift Shop at 1pm today. She is negative on her snap test and is available for adoption. She is around 4 years old. Long hair calico. She is adjusting to the Haven right now.

It was a now or never decision. I could not let Kit Kat succumb to a Bobcat.

She will be at our next adoption event at Mike's Pet tore on Sunday Feb 10th.

Bob and his wife are going to be helping me with the adoption event to.

Everyday is a new adventure and as long at the end of the day the kitties are taken care of we all did our job we all earned a special place in the hearts of the kitties here at Puffy Paws.

Thank You
Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties

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