Sunday, January 27, 2013


Moving slow this morning. 

Today is the last day of heavy moving stuff around at the Thrift Shop. Uncle Eddie and Ken is going to help me. We have the storage tent to clean out. Its so full we can not get in their. Most of the stuff is going to Project Phoenix.

Than I can put my time on the collectable stuff on the inside of the Shop & computer work. Since their is no outside of the Thrift Shop anymore. I need to replace the lost income from it, Since I do not have to open and close the outside. No more worry about the rain and or hurricanes

I do not want to mess with the eBay store since Catherine is doing doing a great job and because of her hard work we have a 100% feed back rating.

This week I want be setting up a facebook GiveAway page. Make a donation and get cool stuff......How cool is that ?????

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