Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stalker In The Mist.
Let it be known. Board member of the other rescue group in the area. When you see Chrisy at the Vet, leave my wife alone. Our business at the Vet is Puffy Paws and not yours to pry. Nothing has ever come good for Puffy Paws as you try to meddle in our affairs.

The office manger has told you and your group to leave us be. But this morning when you wanted to know why Chrissy was back at the Vet and Chrissy told you it was none of your business and you called her weird that was uncalled for.

 But when you followed Chrissy home from the Vet in your truck, you just crossed over the line. This leadsus to believe you are very unstable and the proper measures are be taken .

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