Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are all doing the best with what we have ! Plus a $3,000 dollar grant from the Walmart Foundation For Our Pet Food Bank ???

I know the Humane Society is doing their best with what they have .

The majority of the people that use our Pet food bank is limited. I was thinking after I wrote my blog yesterday, that their had to be a deeper reason why their was a one time pick up rule, in Englewood.

The Humane Society has been around for over 35 years and more people know about their Pet Food Program.

With the large volume of traffic they most likely get ,their had to be a reason for a one time pick up rule, as Jerry Shallow, just explained it to me this morning, because of  people abusing it.

I know the abuse is their because through out the years since we had our pet Food Bank. I have notice and felt dismay about the fact that many of the people that used our program in the past,have pets that were put second in these folks life’s, due to the fact of a drug or alcohol  problem.

The problems goes deeper than this. The majority of these pets were not spray or neutered, thus adding to the pet population problems and their solution instead of taking advantage of the low cost ,spay and neuter program offered by Sun coast  Humane Society and other groups in the area, was to relinquishes  these animals to Sun Coast when their pets started to breed and had a litter of pups or kittens.

It’s a cruel world and some people do not deserve to be pet owners.

But at the point ,when I know the pets will go hungry , I always made a command decision  in supplying these people with food because I knew if I did not these dogs and cats will go without.

But it always  made me angry knowing the fact a six pack of beer, a bottle of booze or a pill came first instead of their pets.

But I always have put the pets first before the owners bad behavior.

But yesterday was a  totally different case that I  never came across . I never had a woman crying and emotionally upset because all she was doing  was trying to feed her dog. She was getting evicted  and the dog had no food.

I was willing to buy her a bag of food but our funds are very limited.

That is why I called the Humane Society on her behalf.

I know I’m like a bull in a China Shop when I feel I need to get something down ASAP.

It all worked out in the end and now I have a new insight in why their is a one time pick up rule.

The great news of the day is / As fate has it. Our grant writer just applied for a $3,000 dollar grant from the Walmart Foundation for our Pet Food Bank.

The reason being Walmart is limiting in how they give out Grants. So our grant is combating hungry in the Community.

There are people in the Community who need to use our Pet Food Bank services ,who do not have an addiction problem and  are responsible  pet owners, when times are lean for these folks, we know that they will spend the last bit of money for pet food  ,instead of buying food for themselves and thus these folks will go hungry before they let their pets do.

For years this has been our root of our Pet Food Bank

So lets keep our Paws crossed so  we get the grant to help the people of the Community.

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