Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We long for,,,,,,

We are tried, We are dirty from our blood, sweat and tears , We are stressed , We are hungry. We long for the day when our life's will be a little bit easier.The day we can stop and smell the roses. We long for the day that God will take mercy on Chrissy and mines souls to relive the burden of the path we are on. 
We long for the day of the big break were the World can see our deeds. We long for the day of not having selfish people surround us. We long for the day when Chrissy and I can become a couple for a night out on a date. We are tried and broken people.
Yet we must go on. Today life is not about us anymore. It has not been for years. its about Gods simple creatures depending upon us and " You " for the very air they breathe . And for this we thank you.

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