Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wanted RV


 We sold the RV but what we need now is a road worthy, inside and out RV , which would benefit the kitties.

We need one were we can put tags on in and drive away. So we can adopt out the kitties.

Our outlook on keeping the kitties safe is, just ask . hope You can help.
We are posting the great news story that the Englewood Edge did.

Who know maybe we will get lucky and someone will donate a RV.

But in the mean time, Carla is starting up the Cat Adoption Program in the Community.

When I brought the RV. my brother in law ,Ray was in our life’s.

He is very good at everything. He is great mechanic, wood working, remodeling , plumbing, etc.

He told me he would rehab the RV for us.

Sadly he is doing his own thing now.

So without his labor and the limited schedule of the Community Service Personal that were working on it.

We abandoned this RV by selling it

Many folks do not realize we been doing this for four years as a non-profit and 14 years rescuing kitties

In the Spring of 2007 - Puffy Paws Kitty Haven started its adoption program. Since than we have found over 300 kitties "Fur-Ever" homes !

Than in October of 2009, the ’Haters” called Code Enforcement and shut us down and all the adoptions at the Haven.

See article. By the Englewood Edge

But the worst of it is that Christy has to do the job of 20 people, day in and day out because we can not have volunteers any more.


So we needed help and asked for help from the Animal Rescue Community.

We got more than what we bargained for.

In October of 2010. When we asked for help from the Animal Community. They all showed up in droves.

The organizers wanted to take the cats we have down to 50 cats.

She did not agree with our “Model”.

That was imposable with all the sick kitties we take care of.
She said “Without the possibility of killing”

She wanted to put some of them outside in the woods.

Separate kitties that only knew Puffy Paws as their home and put them in shelters in cages across the nation.

She told us to our face this was an placement operation.

In her emails we received, until she took her off her list, she was calling it rescue operation to all of her supporters.

We latter found out she would have qualified for Grant Money form PetSmart for doing this way.

When we told her we no longer liked her planned of operation in what she intended for the kitties we asked if she could leave the $2,000 dollars worth of supplies she gathered up in the name of Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

She laughed and refused and left the property for good.

Their is only one group in the area ,that is beginning to help us.

One group that we thought was going to help us have not return our phones calls.

The other groups just left us alone to manger on our own.
If you think the "Haters" are bad you should here the gossip these folks are spreading.

Since than we have tried everything understand the sun, not once ,but twice and even more to get these cats adopted out.

See Article

But we are willing to do it again. One more time. What ever it takes.

But with out help from the local Community with volunteers ,we are dead in the water and we will be in a holding pattern for the kitties which is not our mission at all.

" Our mission is to contribute to a better life for unwanted and homeless kitties, to protect them from neglect and cruelty, and to provide a safe haven for them in a no-kill environment until secure, permanent, loving and responsible homes can be found."

Everyday we trudge along to keep the kitties safe until we find “Fur-Homes” for the adoptable ones and provide a safe Haven for the sick ones.

What would be ideal is to rent out a building. Using one half for a Thrift Store and the other half for cat.

But until than it is against all odds for us and if it was not for you, we will not being to do for the kitties what we do.

And for this we will always be grateful.

( This will be posted in our blog latter tonight)

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