Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crying .........

It is hard for me break down and cry.

When I read Denise Brooke nice comment last night . I broke down last night and cried like a little baby..

Here is what she wrote.

“ Maybe someone who has connections can get a hold of Ellen Degeneres & maybe she can do a story & donate Halo food to all the's a really good food, but very expensive. She's into anything with animals & if she finds out that Rick... & Chrissy are pretty much single handedly taking care of 268 cats & running a thrift store to generate funds...and having to wonder daily if they'll make it....maybe she will give them a grant or whatever,,,,we can hope...AND, what if she finds out Rick is a stand up comic(in another life)....since that's where she started.......hmmmmmmmm.....who knows someone that can go thru the cracks & find their way in to her? Anyone???”

Denise  is so right. If we ever can get the break we need Nationally  (Until Than It’s Baby Steps To Reach 2500 ) than we might be able to reach our goal which is to seek 2500 new kitty lovers who like to donate on a monthly  recurring credit card subscription basics of starting at $10 a month withe our Monthly Pledge of love Program.

Monthly Pledge of Love Program

The monthly donations will give us enough funds  ( $25,000 a month ) to take care of the kitties and working monthly capital to properly fund the entire operation at Puffy Paws and put much needed funds in reserves to guarantee the success of Puffy Paws  Kitty Haven future.
Now for the reasons why I broke down:

IT’S HARD doing what Chrissy and I do everyday, yet the love for the kitties comes first in our calling in life.

Chrissy hauls in 660 pounds of cat litter around the Haven daily & takes in back out. She washes over 50 cat litter boxes daily. Every four hours she puts out the wet cat food at 18 feeding stations, like our Vet told us too.

She vacuum & mops and dust daily. She gives out meds. She brushes the kitties. She tends to the sick ones. She runs to the Vet and the store for supplies too. She does this day in and day out. She does the work of a paid staff of 10.

My job is to raise the $250 dollars a day to take care of the kitties daily needs, plus the operating expensive, every single day.

On most days I work up to 15-20 hours a day to accomplish this.

I run the Thrift Shop. I raise funds on-line. I take care of the Media. I run to the Vet .I'm our Web Master. I do all the graphic art work. I update on fb everyday.

I pick up the kitties daily supplies in the evening. I pay the bills. I pick up donations for Thrift Shop. I put out the SOS's for help. I put out all the fires that pop out daily. I'm my wife's venting post. I'm the fixer.

We do not understand a lot of things in the lack of support in our Community , the ban on volunteers at the Haven, we work up to 18 hours a day .barely making it on some days but the love of the kitty lovers around the world prevail, everyday.

While other rescue groups ,in the area euthanized  over 50% of the cats they take it and  the other group  refused to take over 150  cats ,we took in over the years because they said “No”.

But they the majority of their donations goes to salary .administration cost and fundraising for a handful of cats they take care of. Only 35% in 2009 went to their animal program.

These so call animal rescue folks, in the areas spread rumors that we are closed not even bothering  to go to our Web site or facebook page.

They call me the Crazy Catman  behind my back because I’m not a door mat and neither are the unwanted  kitties that do not have a voice.

Unwanted  cats are not a vehicle to line the pockets of greedy humans and something to be destroyed because you have no room and or you deem them to be unadoptable. 

This statement is why they hate me for speaking the truth.

We are common sense no-kill  and 100% of all donations goes to the kitties and the basic operation expenses associated with Puff Paws. We do not get paid.

We wear donated clothes, drive donated vehicles, we struggle for everything we get for the kitties. Nothing comes easy except your love you all have for them.

A day at the Spa for Chrissy, a night  of going out on the town only happens in our dreams.

We are sick and tried in how the local stores treat us when we put back over $150,000
dollars back in the local community since 2006

I hate begging for money, not the way I fell doing it but the way I make others feel by asking everyday.

The only help we get is from the Court order Community Service personal .And most of the time I find out the reason why these young men are in trouble in the first place.

Cause some of them do not want to change, I can not let these people who give me a hard time take anymore of time away from the kitties in raising funds and awareness.

I can not be a babysitter for them anymore.

Being an Army Veteran and being 26 clean and sober does not help the way I look at slackers who are costing me time & money and giving me heartache

It's my way or the highway for these CSP people who to the point that they want to throw fist with me, argue with me all day long and than I'm walking on egg shells.

It is not my fault .They can not follow simple instructions.

I made a decision  for now that the 60 dollar bins, only will be coming on Friday and Saturday.

So I will not being using these  young men during the week for bin work.

I will be making up the funds by putting stuff on ebay and producing the reality TV Show and writing grants myself.

Since no one wants to help in this town. I will do it alone like Chrissy and I have been doing it all alone with the labor.

Yet there is hope on the horizon because we have everything we need to take us to the next level.with the time I gained with no taking he bins out.We can focuses on.

A) The Thrift Shop.Inside
B) The RV -  Mobile Cat Adoption Unit
C ) Computers 
D) Video cameras for the on-line reality TV show
E) The Virtual Adoptions Program,
F) An on-line store with an ebay store coming soon
G) A full color printing division,
H) Live Streaming the kitties.
I ) Grants opportunities .

The cards are in place.

But still we are faced with asking for help every day and with out you we can not do it and we are blessed for this


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  1. Rick, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you and Chrissy will have a breakthrough soon.. may you find stability and peace- sent what I could to the chipin and hope it will help!!

    -Stephanie C.