Sunday, August 28, 2011


One of the kitties fan was wondering why we had Ensure on the Amazon wish list.
You will find us very transparent in all of dealing. We hide nothing. That is the reason why we have the World Wide support that we do. Our Web Site is loaded with articles, videos of our rich History.

Also check out the rest of the blog for more background history and the trails and tribulations of running Puffy Paws. 
We dish it... all. The good, the bad and the ugly ! 
Now back to the wish list on the right hand side of the Amazon wish list you will find the reasons why we need all product we have on the list.

The Ensure is for Chrissy. Here is what it says for the Ensure. “104 pound Chrissy works up to 18 hours a day taking care the kitties. She is on the go. One pack of Ensure daily keeps the weight on her and gives her the proper energy she needs to do her grueling work schedule. . So please help Chrissy take care of the kitties today.”

( At times we also have asked the kitties fans to send coupons for Ensure )

Now why does Chrissy have to do it by herself, “ It is very unfortunately that this Town and the good old boy network put us in a situation we are in.

They closed down the Haven to all traffic killing our adoptions and cutting Chrissy off from having Volunteers. If we get help for Chrissy we have to pay for the help.

My wife takes care of the 230 kitties. She works up to 18 hours day because Sarasota Code Enforcement banned all traffic at the Haven.

CLICK HERE - To Read The Story As Seen In The Englewod Edge
Chrissy hauls in 660 pounds of cat litter around the Haven daily & takes in back out. She washes over 20 cat litter boxes daily. Twice a day she puts out the wet cat food (70 pounds a day - 2 bags of dry 36 pounds) at 10 feeding stations, She vacuum & mops and dust daily. She gives out meds. She brushes the kitties. She tends to the sick ones. She runs to the Vet and the store for supplies too. She does this day in and day out. She does the work of a paid staff of 10.

My job is to raise the $250 dollars a day to take care of the kitties daily needs, plus the operating expensive, every single day.

On most days I work up to 15-20 hours a day to accomplish this.

I run the Thrift Shop. I raise funds on-line. I take care of the Media. I run to the Vet. I'm our Web Master. I do all the graphic art work. I update on fb everyday. I pick up the kitties daily supplies in the evening. I pay the bills. I pick up donations for Thrift Shop. I put out the SOS's for help. I put out all the fires that pop out daily. I'm my wife's venting post. I'm the fixer.

I’m in a fight for the kitties lives. If I fail at raising the funds needed to take care of the 230 under our care there will be no other option but to close down. What choice would we have.

We see the best of mankind and the worst of mankind in the small Town we live in….

Hope this helps……

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