Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wake up in fear

Dear Friend of The Kitties

Wow ! Everyday I wake up in fear. Emotions going every were. 1,000's thing to get done in a 24 hour span. I suck down a cup of coffee and tell myself - first things - first. I never take anyone for granted, I only hope that kitty lovers will help on this day. If we are short I beg and pray....

It all works out in the end.  I wish I could hug and thank each of you personally and tell you what you all mean to Chrissy and I and the kitties.

Our work is never done. Sometime we laugh, cry and cruse. Wondering why we have to  trudge everyday. This is all of our fate caring for kitties that no one wanted, either to sick or to old for a fur-homes.

Every one of yours actions here  tells a lot about the person  you are.

By reading our emails, sharing, donating, caring.

Giving what you have freely to a bunch of special need kitties that no one wanted.

When you donate to Puffy Paws rest assure your donation will not go into some " Fat Cat " pocket but instead a fat cat tummy for food.

The kitties will not offer you adult beverages, at a cocktail hour. Your donation will not get you a fancy dinner.

You will not get your picture in the Newspaper. But what you do get is the satisfaction that your saved the lives of 230 special need kitties.

Bless your generous kitty loving hearts.
In the month of July you gave on-line: $7,481.53 just because we asked and hoped you could help and boy did you !
Mad Kitty Love goes out to you all !

Now The Catch 22 is that now we are caught up on the operating expenses but this months bills are coming due and we are having a hard time raising funds for food cat food and litter .

We are in desperate need to replenish the kitties daily supplies right now.
We can not thank you enough for what you all do for the special needs kitties at Puffy Paws.
We are in desperate need for funds for the power bill.
Florida Power & Lights - $1000 - Due August 12 

Without Power No Haven:


To Donate

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