Friday, August 12, 2011

I do not think I will survive a beating.

MY REALITY : I'm not a tough guy but I do not think I will survive a beating. You may notice a big buck knife on my side.(Guns Trumps Buck Knifes ).
Chrissy took this picture before I went to feed the kitties late night, due to my schedule. Going out to the Indian Mounds Park Park, late night, I never know who I'm going to meet, pill heads who are dope sick and when they are dope sick ,they are very dangerous, etc. 
The time before I went out to the park. All my least favorite young punks in this Town, were hanging up their, their was about ten of them. Their is nothing more they will like to do as to throw me a beating as a little mob. When I saw them. and they saw me, I over heard the chatter. I called Chrisy and told her that my " Hate Club " was in the Park and I may get jumped. So now when they see my little freind hanging from my belt it will give them something to think about. And at the same time this is the way I roll at the Thrift Shop after hours. I had many conversations with the local Sheriffs that when I have the bay doors open at the Thrift Shop late night, when I have to work, it attracts the late night creepy crawlers, pill heads, etc and if they need that $15 dollars for a pill, I just need to give them something to think about, if they want to rob me.
I know guns trumps my buck knife......
In 2011 my freind Terry was murder and another man who ran an Antique Shop was murder by people who were on drugs. Englewood does have a major drug problem and I do not feel like becoming a statics.....
Peace in crazy World !

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