Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mad Kitty Love goes out to Ken W

Mad Kitty Love goes out to Ken W. He has been my best friend down in Englewood since we move here. He was their for Chrissy and I for years when no one else was. 
He has been a super duper freind to the kitties. Through out the years he has donated over $2,000 dollars to the kitties. He has been our personal backyard mechanic and has been fixing our cars for years for free. Ken has a heart of Gold.
One quality I always admire about Ken when he took me out to eat and paid for it is that he is always a great tipper to the servers.He is not a cheap man. My Dad who past away in 2006 had the sane enduring qualities as Ken.. Ken is moving back to New Hampshire this week with his kitties.
I always enjoyed his company and deep conversation about life and our love for History. I'm going to miss Ken but thank goodness for facebook so the kitties and I can follow his adventures. 
Mad Kitty Love goes out to Ken W & Godspeed to you my freind !

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