Saturday, August 27, 2011


Kathleen  M wrote “ I've been clicking the gold banner daily and tonight decided to check up on Puffy Paws. I was appalled to find your funds are so low. And shocked that I don't see rescue groups posting and reposting this news on Facebook. Where are your 3,361 other fans?!? “

Thank you for clicking away. Mad Kitty Love goes out to you Kathleen . And thank you for all of your concerns , which I will address to the best of my ability.

First things first - " Why Do We Ask For Help " ?  The simplest answer is we could never take care of the kitties under our care without help.

If I ever stopped asking for help for the kitties, without funds we will have to close.

And most of the kitties will be euthanized because they are Special Needs kitties and unadoptable.

Than everyone will say " Why did you not ask for help? " And if I said " I did not want to bother you all " You will say 'Rick What Are You crazy ?  How could you let this happen. We would have helped but you did not ask us.

So I will never let this happen as long as I have a mouth and fingers to type. I will always ask for help for the kitties.

The kitties know in their hearts if folks can help they do and if not we understand.

We are so grateful that the kitties have friends around the world to help the kitties out when they need it.

And for this we will always be grateful.

I always have to be honest were we stand everyday financially for the kitties and when funds are low and their are none, here is what we do ! 

JUST ASK - HOPE YOU CAN HELP - That’s is the battle cry over here at Puffy Paws. When we need help we ask and the kitties needs are met by the love of the kitties lovers through out the world.

To run the Puffy Paws its cost  around $250 a day and  around $3,000 in operating expenses .

So far this month alone the kitties lovers around the World have donated on-line
$ 7,778.31.

The kitties have friends on all social media outlets,  Care2, The Animal Connection, Twitter, Utube ,etc and friends from around the world.

For those of you who  like to know what happens when times get tough and we need help ASAP over here at The World’s Great Cathouse.

We send out the “ Cat Signal ”. This is how it works.

We send out the Cat Signal to our donors on our emailing list and now our facebook, Care2, Twitter & Animal Connection fans by posting it on our walls.

For anyone who would like to receive our E-Newsletter and critical updates please sign up for our E-Newsletter below.

This is a crucial  part of Puffy Paws Kitty Haven fund raising endeavors.

Without this we would not be able to raise the funds needed for the operation of Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

We have very kind heart donors on our list who, last year donated  54,000 dollars.

These generous cat lovers have gave to the kitties, time and time again just by us asking for help when we needed it.

We feel guilty in asking so much over the past year but are so grateful we have this options when times are tough.

When Commissioner Gordon needs help from the Batman and he sends out the Bat Signal in the nighttime sky.

Well. Our list and now our social media,  is "Our Cat Signal ' and the folks who are on it have never let the kitties down.

When we light the skies with it, we are very careful when we use it. But when we do it means one thing" Kitties Needs You “ .

Chrissy and I are trying to be self supported in our other fund raising endeavors but we have fallen short many times and this is when we activate the "Cat Signal "

With the on-line donation and the Thrift Shop we just make it each month.

We are very blessed to receive such support from all over the World and we thank you for the bottom of all the kitties hearts.

Now with the other rescue groups not reposting our sage .I feel that they are having a heck of a time trying to raise awareness and funds for their animals under their care.

Now with facebook we may have 3,361 fans but this month we have around 2,700 actives users because facebook changed the rules and not everyone is active , when we post.

So Chrissy and I and the kitties are very grateful for each and everyone one of you.

We have the best friends in the world.

I hope I answered all of your questions and thank you for being here for the kitties.

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