Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Gratitude List

In early sobriety when I was down and out and my world was collapsing all around me the old timers told me to make a gratitude list . Here mine for today .

1. Chrissy & The Kitties - I love my wife & all the kitties.
2. The Love of all the kitty lovers through out the World taking care of the kitties.
3. Catherine and the rest of Team Puffy Paws - Catherine is the kitties voice to Corporate America...
4. The Thrift Shop & office - It’s really a fun place and its our Headquarters for fund-raising
5. The opportunity to Web Cam the Haven up to show the World all the kitties.
6.. The Internet & all social media because I can create awareness about the kitties
7. Ebay - We can sell the stuff from the Thrift Shop so the kitties can eat…..
8.. The Court Order Community Service Personal - Them my bitches !
9. All the “ Haters” in Englewood & The Good Old Boy Network -Through your hate and your arrogance's , ignorance you only have made me stronger.
10. The opportunity to create a reality TV Show about Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

There is my gratitude list for today. I ask myself today ‘What can I do to serve God’s unwanted kitties today and I look at that list and I have all my answers. PEACE !

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