Wednesday, July 25, 2012


You Know What Nice ???? The " Good Righteous " people of Englewood does not support Puffy Paws but the so called " Bad Boys" of Englewood do ??

Why is that ? For three years we used court order community service help at the Thrift Shop. We no longer use them.

But you think once they did their time here paying back their debt to society, we will never see them again. Right ? Wrong.

When I need these folks help, who Englewood cast their eyes down upon them, they help in a heart beat, on their own time.

Cause as they say on the streets " We Keep It Real ".

Today at the Thrift Shop many folks who did community service for the kitties , stopped by Shop to see how we are doing.

We had more " Street Thugs " at the shop helping today than customers. Spike says that respect and now wants to start his own "Crew" !!!! MOL

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