Sunday, July 29, 2012

When You Live With 200 kitties - You Just Know ...

Here at Puffy Paws we specialize in taking care of special needs kitties that would have been euthanized else were simply because someone would have deemed them to be unadoptable. 

We are set up to handle the different medical concerns the kitties have by separating them into their very own living quarters.

We have the 2200 sq foot " Haven Home " which has our healthy adoptable kitties, and our permanent residence who have physical, emotional and behavioral problems. 

Our 2nd building is 800 sq foot and 400 sq foot of it is solely use for the kitties with feline leukemia, which we have nick named " The Kitty Angel Club " because all the precious fur-babies are living angels who are living out their lives.

When you live with 200 kitties you know each and everyone personally and their personality. 

For example,  Baby Doll is a slow kitty and does not comprehend things like a normal kitty. We just know. We been living with many, many kitties for the past 15 years. 

We care for kitties with, physical ,emotional and behavior problems.

Even tho Baby Doll is mentally challenged she is still available for adoption.

Chrissy and I have a running joke at Puffy Paws. We have two kind of kitties at Puffy Paws.

The type A kitties that live at Puffy Paws are on the Bowling Team and the slower ,type B kitties are on the soft ball team.

When a type B kitty comes in to the Haven they are on kitty watch with food and water where they camp out, until they integrate into one of the Haven‘s rooms..

Puffy Paws rooms are broken down with slang.

                             Louie is on the left - watching as the other kitties raid the bag of dry.

We have  Gen Pop. ( General Population - Back room or Sun Room). This room is where the type A kitties live. It is over seen by alpha males, Big Louie is the Barn Boss and makes sure every one is behaving in their hierarchy system the kitties have set up. Everyone knows their place.

We have the feline leukemia kitties in their separate and quarantine, 400sq foot wing, called the Kitty Angel Club. All the kitties get along.

We have two special rooms for the type B kitties.

Meer Kat Manor and Protective Custody. These kitties would have never made it out in Gen Pop

They are docile kitties and do not like to mix it up with other type A kitties. They all get along with each other in a peace and harmony.

These two rooms of  peaceful docile kitties will be mixing together in the 2nd half of The Kitty Angel Club, once the remodel job is complete.

Also the main Haven is for the adoptable kitties and the special needs kitties that need a little extra TLC. This is where Baby Doll lives and the where the Live Shows takes place for now.

We will be web caming up all the rooms once more computers are donated.

Puffy Paws is cage less, free roaming , and we match the kitties personalities so that they may live with each other in total contentment.

This is why when the news media and hundreds of people who have been inside always say

“ I can not believe how well they get along together and they are so happy.”

We go where no one else dares  !!!!!!

We are a no -kill , cage-less,  free roaming loving home for unwanted kitties.

No cages, lights and air  on 24 -7, wet food - dry food down all the time and most of all love 24 hours a day.

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