Friday, July 20, 2012

Daniel is our on-line volunteer working on the information in getting PSA's done

We have Daniel, a on-line volunteer working on the information in getting PSA's done . Here is our correspondences. It’s a slow go as you can see. But we will get their.

R -  Doing everything I can to keep the doors open.
Can you call COMCAST Corporation and find out what we have to do to get a PSA on the air. Send me the links, any information that you may have, etc.... - where are in Englewood Florida

D - ok, i'll see what i can dig up.

D - they told me at comcast to call tomorrow after 8am, so i'll work it into my schedule. i'm in physical rehab, so i have 2 different rounds of therapy each day. i'll look into finding some grants and such as well.

R- Thank you. Let me know what we have to do...Good luck on your rehab...

D -  i'm getting a bit discouraged with comcast. i kept getting a runaround until i finally found a number for public relations in florida. i called and the guy said he was on vacation and he gave me a name and a number to call, but when i called the number it said the number wasn't working. he gave me a mr. damiatto at (954) 256-1918, but as i said, it didn't work. the guy who said he was on vacation is a Mr. Spero Canton-Director, Public Relations
Phone: 954-931-2906 if you would like to try him. that's the best lead i've been able to find on getting a psa aired.

R- Thanks Daniel for the Comcast information. Thats why I had you do it cause I did not have the time for the run around....
Next is the ABC7 Sarasota and Fort Meyers...any community boards...For PSA's.
Than ... ME TV. I need a number to call.

D-ME TV, is that "memorable entertainment television"? or is it my fox 49 in tallahassee?

R- yes it is..they have a naples station
the first one

D- still working on the me tv, abc7, psa stuff.

D- ok, i have some info about fox 4 news if you guys are interested. i sent them an email about possibly getting psa's aired and this was the response:
Thanks for writing FOX 4. We have a Community Calendar which is online and a culmination of events that air in a :30 second announcement, 3x's a day. (the link to post events on the community calender is I suppose you can use it to promote raffles, the thrift store, the kitty show, etc)
The other way is if you have an already produced PSA, you are welcome to send it in for review. You would also need to include verification of the 501C3 status.

I hope this answers your questions.
Brent Struense
Marketing Director/WFTX-TV

D-still waiting to hear back from ME-TV/ABC7.

R - Very cool. The next step is fine out what they need the PSA format on. I can always produce one for review and how many seconds...You are doing great...Rick

D-  i sent him the message "Thanks for the prompt reply. I have a couple follow-up questions. What is the preferred format for review(dvd, mpeg, etc)? And, what is the preferred length of the psaok,
this was the reply from Brent Struense at Fox4 "Either format and the length is your call."

D-  still no reply from me-tv/abc7

R -  Kicking ass !!! WHOOOO AHHHH Thank you

D- finally got a reply from abc7 just to tell me the previous i emailed has resigned... so now to see what the new guy says.

D -  well, so far still no reply from the new guy at abc7. just updating.

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