Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13

Service to other: With and without fur - Friday the 13 is the turning point of of my life. On Friday the 13th in January 1984 I walked into my first AA meeting at 21 years old. A wild mess of youth gone wild straight out of the Army. I hit bottom in Germany. I was almost stabbed to death, I was facing three years in Fort Leavenworth and my biggest goal was to live to be 22 years old. 

If I kept on I knew I would never make it to see my next birthday. Since I walked out of that meeting I been clean and sober ever since. I meet Chrissy at a AA Dance 12 years latter and the rest is history. ( Chrissy has 30 years of sobriety ). Old Timers in AA ! We just did not drink at a day at a time and we did not die.

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