Wednesday, July 25, 2012


THE EVIL CLOWN REPORT: How is your day ? So far certain Walmart associates are giving me a hard time with the cat food being ready for me in the kitties special spot in the Pet Dept, even when the Co manger told them to have a spot for me.

If its not in that spot than they have to pull it from the back and that takes a hour from my day and the kitties have to wait for the dinner and breakfast. Imagine making special need kitties wait for their food. And than they tell me they understand !

Also it was really nice when they mention to me they don't like cats. Why would you tell me that ???

The station wagon got hit by a truck in the Walmart parking lot, while I was getting the cat food ,hit and run. It did some more damage to the spot that was already hit.

Also remember when I told you the Asst Editor of the Englewood Sun Herald told me she will do a story on our Live Streaming endeavors.

Well three weeks have passed and no story. Her intentions were well intended but I think the higher ups put a kill on our story ????

This is not the first time that has happened.

We are not the newspaper favorite rescue. According to one ad in the Newspaper most likely donated by the Newspaper, the other no kill rescue is the only no-kill in Town.

So here is my pledge. I'm hitting you up Englewood. Hard and heavy. Love me or hate me but stop taking it out on the special need kitties under our care.

We are not going away. My voice will be heard for the voiceless kitties that you abandoned to us. all through out the World.


  1. As a supermarket employee I'm facepalming in the general direction of Walmart. If it's a regular, pre-arranged pickup they could be a bit more organised -.-

    Wow, that is bad journalism and misleading advertising on the part of the newspaper ad!

    Puffy Paws FTW!

  2. We did make it in the Newspaper as a titbit today. If it was another rescue it would be a full blown story. But we will settle for the bones.Well others enjoy the meat and potatoes of the front cover we will always be happy for the bones.