Monday, November 28, 2011

Thrift Shop Boys

The kitties take care of people who take care of the kitties !!!! My Thrift Shop Boys are sitting in the Charlotte County Jail for getting drunk and stupid, last week. Joey & Kevin. Kevin is 18, Joey is 21. Kevin is facing 5 years and Joey is facing 10 years.

For what ??? Drunken bad decisions in a moment of time.

Its funny the good citizen of Englewood do not step up to the plate and volunteer but the throw aways of society always have and always will. 

These boys were their for the kitties when no one was. Busting their ass at the Thrift Shop in 95 degree weather, year in and year out.

In early sobriety, I lost my first family. My wife and daughter. At times I was homeless, hungry and at that jumping off place many times. I have been in that dark zone were no cared if I lived or died.  It’s an awful lonely place to be.

Than God put people in my path who reached out to me and grabbed me with all their might and loved me until I could love myself.

They touched my very heart and soul and today I’m a changed man. Giving to others freely as it was given to me.

So the kitties and I  know how the boys feel right now and we do not forget about the young men who care about us.

In jail it’s the little things that lift the broken soul.

May the boys find themselves in their time of reflection.
To make it a little bit easier.

The kitties sent the boys Icare packages.
May they pig out with grace and style.

Kevin will get this week.

Turkey Day Treats: .

Lays BBQ LSS - 1.5oz (3)
Hot Dill Pickle (ea.) (2)
Orange Drink Mix - 6oz (1)
Titos Jalapeno Slices - .7oz (1)
Double Barrel Hot Shot Meat Sticks - 1.12oz (2)
Tortilla Shells - 6ct (1)
Kars Sweet & Spicy Mix - 1.75oz (1)
Salsa - 3oz (2)
Cheddar Cheese Squeezers - 1oz (2)
Hot n Spicy Corn Chips - 10oz (1)
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups - 1.5oz (1)
Ruffles Cheddar & Sr Crm - 1.5oz (3)
Cheetos - 2oz (3)
Doritos - 1.75oz (4)
Grandmas Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.75oz (2)

Joey will get the Holiday fest.

Holiday Feast: .

Hot 'n Spicy Corn Chips - 10oz (1)
O'breins- Hot & Spicy Beef Sausage - 5oz (1)
Hot Dill Pickle (ea.) (1)
Saltines 16oz (1)
Double Barrel Spicy Meat & Cheese Sticks - 1.12oz (2)
Chili Rice & Beans- 4.4oz (1)
Buttery Toffee Crunch n Munch- 4oz (1)
Hot Chips 6oz (1)
Pretzel Jalapeno Pieces (1)
Cheetos Jalapeno Cheese (2)
Chili Cheese Fritos 2oz (1)
Nacho Doritos 1.75oz (1)
Gardetto's Original 1.75oz (1)
Honey BBQ Frito Twists 2oz (1)
M&Ms Peanut 1.74oz (1)
Nissin Ramen - Beef - 3oz (5)
Nissin Ramen - Chicken - 3oz (5)
Nissan Ramen - Picante Beef 3.0oz (5)
Nissin Ramen Chili 3.0oz (5)
Mrs. Freshley's Grand Honey Bun (1)

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