Sunday, November 27, 2011

In my heart of hearts

I'm back !!! So much hard work at the Thrift Shop this weekend....Great Community Service crew with drama and an edge !!! Business was way down due to the Holiday !!! It was just like this last year but it will pick up !!!!!!!!
Its get totally insane over here sometimes yet lots of work was done. It was a wild holiday weekend....GO GO GO and now I'm by myself and I have caught my second wind and I...'m ready to kick some more butt at the Thrift Shop. 
Englewood can talk smack about me all they want cause I know in my heart of hearts my deeds, which the majority go unspoken, speak louder than their misinform words. I will never trade this life where I can help the kitties and people looking for a second chance. It's my calling.....

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