Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My strength comes from above


My strength comes from above by Chrissy Kingston

Today is vet Wed.. We have Daisy getting a dental, she has leukemia and is 7 years old. Her sister Sunflower is getting a dental too, she has leukemia too. Morris is going in to be checked and getting his shots, he has aids and also has cancer of the mouth, so he is at the vet every week. He is still doing good, say a prayer for him, he will not be with us much longer, when it is time for him we have to let him go, we do not want any cat to ever suffer. The quality of their life is our number one priority here and always will be. Pepe is getting shots and blood work done , he is feeling under the weather, he is going on 15 years old and we have had him since he was 4 weeks old. We adore him and we have his sister too, Fluffy.

We can never thank you enough for all that you do for these cats, we are eternally grateful and humble always. Your kind and caring hearts have given these cats a wonderful life, the life i wish all animals could have and truly deserve , but do not ever get, they are being abandoned and left in shelters at a alarming rate. How sad is that, it just breaks my heart.

All animals deserve a life time commitment, our strength comes from some thing greater than ourselves. We do this everyday no matter what, their lives depend on us. These cats are innocent and their only crime is being homeless and it is not their fault, too many discarding them and not spaying and neutering them which adds to the over population problem that is already out of control.

Humans are failing them at a level that i just do not understand. People that are doing rescue are getting burnt out and want to give up, but if not for them , than who will care??

There are so many times i want to give up , but i never will , their lives depend on us and i can not fail them , it would be a death sentence for most of them because of their illnesses. My strength comes from above, these are Gods creatures and he has entrusted them to us to take care of them.

Love Chrissy and all Da Kitties

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