Monday, April 7, 2014

The Collectable Shop is 5 years old

From April 6th.

The Collectable Shop is 5 years old today. Check it out
Englewood tried to close the the shop down on the 10th day we were open back in 2009, by calling code enforcement. Yet we we improvise, adapted and overcame and we have raised a half million dollars since 2009, from the Shop office and the the shop itself. If it was not for the Collectable Shop their wold have been no - Puffy Paws. We would have had to close years ago. The items in the shop raises funds when we are open to collectors and dealers and not the general public these days.

I opened the shop to the public on Saturday and it was to no avail. So we're sticking by our guns and only open by appointment to collectors and dealers because the spend money and they know the value of the merchandise.

The last time a collector came to the shop he spent $680 for a cd collection we had and this brought the tires for the Cathouse on wheels.

On Saturday a person got mad at me because I wanted $30 for a rare heavy metal cassette collection of 100 cassette.

The shop office is the communication center to the kitty lovers of the world. I have become a "Social Media High Tech Beggar " it may not be pretty but it works.

Everyday we must ask for help from Cat Lovers from all over the world, so that we may keep continuing our mission in helping the special need & unwanted kitties under our care.Our On-Line - “ Just Ask - Hope You Can Help “ - campaign was launched three years ago and has raised over $500,000.00.

The Majority of The fund Are Donated By The Kitties Lovers Through Out The World.

Last month in March - 2014 - $17,599.71 was donated by the kitty lovers of the World via PayPal

Last year in 2013: $190,000 was donated on-line. $172,686.56 , via PayPal, by the kitty lovers of the world.

Just by asking for help when the kitties need it.

The priority of incoming funds are in this order, the kitties daily needs, vet care and operating expenses.

After that, funds are used for the maintenance and improvement of the Haven for the kitties.

The unwanted & special need kitties are blessed to have a world wide family that loves them ever so much. Thank You.

We came a long ways with the Shop and Puffy Paws is still here because of it.

We are cerebrating with no fanfare, no press release , its another day taking care of the kitties. The Puffy Paws way.

We are blessed.


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