Saturday, April 12, 2014

facebook is limiting our post you see in your needsfeeds.

Only by your kind hearts do we make it each and everyday.

Yet right now facebook is limiting our posts in your news-feeds. They cut them in half again.
We are not reaching you.

Their are two things that you can do. Like everything we post. It greater the chances, that you will see our posts in your newsfeeds.

Share Share Share, the only what we are going to survive is creating awareness about our plight and this brings new kitty lovers to the crazy adventuress of The World Greatest Cathouse.

It only takes a second to click share and you never know who you are going to reach.
Also you can bookmark the kitties fb page and come straight to it daily, and see all the great pictures, videos of the kitties and all of our updates and this way you will be sure not to miss a single post.

The Kitties facebook page

Thank You !!!!
Mad Kitty Love !!!!

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