Friday, May 10, 2013

The Future of Puffy Paws

We are at the crossroads over here at Puffy Paws. We are just making it day by day, by asking and asking for help, from a few, until the kitties have their daily needs met and when needed the operating expenses. With less and less folks opening up the email and folks dropping off the list. I need to do something fast because how much longer can we go on,like this ?

I have to many irons in the fire right now that are not paying off right away. Its really hard when you have to raise $275 a day, no mater what. That is a big nut to crack everyday. We can never let the kitties go without. Until I raise that I'm powerless to tackle any other projects.

That is why it is so hard to get ahead, we have to meet the kitties daily needs .We can never let them go without. But by asking and asking , we do it everyday through the grace of God and the fellowship of the kitty lovers around the world.

Yet I fear when the day when the help does not come in.
Than what ???

I need to go back to the old school way by asking for help from new kitty lovers from around the world on the internet.

Social media is the way we got to were we are today , at a day at a time.

Social Media is the only way to get the word out once again.
So what does this mean.

It means my butt belongs in a chair in front of the computer at the Thrift Shop office, while its open ,asking for help and creating awareness.

At night my butt belongs in front of a camera at the Haven taking great videos and pictures of the kitties and back on the computer.

Every body loves the kitties and more visual content to share on the net is what the Doctor ordered.

So here is the schedule -

Thrift Shop open at Noon.

Before Noon - Running around doing the errands that need to be done. Gaining new leads for Cathouse Media and closing the deals. Taking care of the kitties at the Adoption Center. ( Adoption Center starts next week )

Noon- 6pm - Thrift Shop Open- Computer work in creating that much needed awareness.

6pm-7pm- Closing Shop & Picking up cat food.

7pm - 8.45PM - Computer work in raising funds if and when needed for the litter and cleaning supplies.

8.45pm -9:30 - Going to Publixs, Dollar General - picking up the litter and cleaning supplies with Chrissy and unloading.

9:30 -11pm - Eat, shower
11pm -2pm - Taking pictures of kitties and videos and computer work.

2pm - 8:30   Chrisy & me time,after BoBo is weaned off the bottle  and Sleep.

I will be blogging once again on the progress of gaining new supporter through out the world, as we move ahead.

Thank you everyone for standing by us.



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